Keep It Clean When Having a Toddler in 5 Easy Steps


Domestic cleaning routine is an integral part of keeping your home neat and tidy, but it is even more important when you have a child. Babies and little children are more susceptible to microbes and bacteria, which could result in various diseases or infections.

Some parents find it difficult to keep their home well-maintained and usually say it is a great challenge for them to make sure everything is in order, especially when they have a toddler. This is a difficult age for both parents and children.

On one hand, parents should make sure that everything in their home is perfectly sanitised, because toddlers sometimes crawl on the floor, not to mention the fact they touch everything they can reach and often put it in their mouths. On the other hand, this is a too early age for the children to be taught to clean after themselves, which makes the mass even bigger. And in case there is a pet in the house, the situation gets even harder.


Take precautions

Every time you need to take care of your house or apartment, make sure that toddlers are not around you. It is more likely for the young children to only get in your way, which will make it even harder for you to deal with the domestic cleaning chores.

You can ask your partner to take the toddler for a walk, to play with them, get them to sleep or think of another activity that is appropriate for the child and will keep them busy as long as you clean. If you do not have anyone to help you with the toddler, then make sure they are dressed properly to minimize the chance of the detergents getting to their sensitive skin.


Pay attention to house dust

House dust has always been one of the main allergens in your home. It is proved as one of the main causes for asthma and other health issues in both children and adults, but we should not forget the fact that children are more susceptible to harmful influence.


Choose your cleaning products wisely

Make sure you choose eco-friendly detergents that are not harmful to your family’s health. It is clear that all cleaning products contain some chemicals and poisonous substances that are aimed at killing the microbes and eliminating the dirt, but the truth is that some ingredients are really dangerous. Remember, your toddler learns about the world by touching everything, including the floors and various surfaces in your home. Top Domestic Cleaners SE10 suggests cleaning with eco-friendly products may not eliminate the chance of some cleaning product ending up on their little fingers, but will seriously minimise the risks for their health.


Consider using natural cleaning products

You could have taken home-made cleaning products as old-school domestic cleaning products, but the truth is that they are no less efficient than the ones sold in the stores. And things get even better, because they are not harmful to your child’s health, not to mention the fact that they are quite inexpensive and the products for making them can be easily found in every kitchen.


Ask for some help

Last but not least, ask your family for some help. Getting things done with a toddler in the house is not as easy as it seems. Even if you have done all the domestic chores all by yourself before, it is a good idea to split the tasks with your partner in order for the cleaning process to be more efficient and quick. In addition, this way both of you will be able to spend some time with the child and the domestic cleaning routine will be done, too.

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