Does Adult Interaction Benefit Student?

In recent years, the education paradigm has shifted from instructor to student centered learning. What exactly does this mean? Well, it shifts the importance from the instructor to the child, with the child having more say in what to study but also how and why that topic would be of interest to them. The instructor fades to the background, while the student has more control over the outcomes of their studies and places them and the instructor on equal footing, with both co creating the course.

So, does this and adult interaction in general benefit students? In the past, the adult instructor was a taskmaster that had ultimate control over the child and his learning, with little say from the student. This concentrated power to the instructor, and the student was in a place of disempowerment. Studies have shown that interacting with adults, benefits students because they have expertise, but only if there is a power balance and mutual understanding.

Adult Interaction and Online Learning

Online learning makes the student independent and places them in the driver’s seat. They can learn a topic at their own pace and schedule, and importance is placed on them and their views on how and why things are taught. They are seen as unique individuals. In online learning, the child is no longer the passive receptacle of knowledge; they are co-creators of their course of study, which makes learning much more exciting.

Online Tutoring: The Learning of the Future

Online tutoring is definitely the wave of the future. It reflects the changing views in academia about the importance of the student and gives them an autonomy that has never before been seen in education. This new way of viewing things could lead to very positive outcomes, because each student begins to be seen as not just another number, but as a person with great potential.

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