5 Tips that Make Breastfeeding in Public Easier

When I had my first son, a concern of mine was breastfeeding in public. In the beginning, I would pump and prepare a bottle. This took a lot of prepping, especially before I could produce enough to create a stock pile. While I didn’t care what others thought, it was me who felt the need to be covered and in a quiet spot to feed my child. Over time breastfeeding in public became second nature. I wish I would have had a list of tips that helped me from the beginning. I’ve put together 5 tips that make breastfeeding in public easier.

  1. Wearing a Sling or Carrier: There’s nothing more comfortable and natural then to have your child skin to skin with you, while wearing your baby it’s easy to adjust your bra so that you can feed your baby. This simple adjustable makes for easy feeding and most the time nobody around you will notice!
  2. Utilizing Nursing Rooms or Waiting Areas: A great resource you may find at your local mall or even amusement park is “nursing rooms” and “motherhood waiting areas.” These rooms are usually near restrooms, they are made for comfort and relaxing. One of my favorites is the “Baby Care Center” at Disneyland, their nursing area even includes rocking chairs!
  3. Using a Cover Up: Cover Ups are fun and come in so many different patterns. The best are made from a light thin
    Simplifying Breastfeeding in Public!

    Simplifying Breastfeeding in Public!

    material so that your baby doesn’t feel smothered and you’re not burning up! One of my favorite brands is Cover Me Ponchos. Their cover ups are super soft and light! The best part is their patterns don’t make you look like you’re wearing a cover up at all!

  4. Wearing a Nursing or Easy Access Bra: This may be a no brainer but not all bras are comfortable while nursing, especially when the let down hits….lol. I found sports bras were better for me, rather than nursing bras. I usually wore oversized shirts I could lift up, so a sports bra made for easy access. While, my good friend couldn’t go without a nursing bra. However, she usually wore shirts that buttoned up or tight tank tops. Buy a few different bras and see what works for you!
  5. Wear Clothes that are Comfortable: Just like the bra, find a wardrobe that you feel comfortable in. For me, oversized shirts and leggings worked the first six months. To be comfortable and stylish, I would wear a stretchy tank top, shorts, and a loose cardigan. If you wear clothes that are loose on top, it’s easy to adjust by pulling your top up or down. This makes for easy breastfeeding and no awkward moments, lol!

Those are the best 5 tips I wish I would have had before I started breastfeeding, I learned through trial and error! I’m glad I kept at it though, because the benefits outweighed the tough moments. If it’s still hard to feel comfortable to breastfeed in public, I recommend getting a breast-pump. Having a breast pump can alleviate stress and allow you to pump milk before an outing. My favorite company to obtain a breast pump from is The Breastfeeding Shop. This company is amazing and better yet, they will work with your insurance to help you get your breast pump for free! They make the process simple, all you have to do is fill out their form and they do the rest. Breastfeeding should be a cherished and bonding moment between you and your child, don’t let anything change that.


Moving with a Little One

This past week we moved into a bigger home. As much as I love travel and change of scenery, moving was intense with a soon to be 6 month old. There were a few things I did do that made the move go a little smoother. So, I came up with a short list that I recommend to all mommies that are moving to consider =)

  • Organize – You’re thinking, duh?! Obviously you wouldn’t throw everything into a box and go. When I say organize, I mean in depth. Start by packing little by little. I started a few weeks before the move with items such as: seasonal pieces, shoes, framed pictures, collectables. I also left alone items we weren’t using. Such as 6 month old toys, baby food processor, toddler bedding. There was no reason to take them out or put them into a new box. By labeling boxes of importance it made it easier to know what was needed first thing at the new place. I simply just wrote “OPEN FIRST.”
  • Snack- Breastfeeding already takes a lot out of a mommy, so does moving.The extra exercise you’re not use to will take a toll on your body if you skip a meal or eat junk. I simply just stocked up on KIND bars, trail mix, and nutritional shakes. Having yummy snacks on hand saved time going through packed  kitchen boxes and kept me focus on the move.
  • Entertainment– It would be insane to do your packing every night while the little one is asleep. Mommy then loses sleep and it doesn’t look so pretty when the little one is up at 7am bright eyed and bushy tailed. So, keep aside entertainment. My lifesavers were the mamaRoo and activity gym. Whatever keeps your little safe and busy, I’d say take full advantage of it and pack!
  • Babysitter– Accept help, because you’re going to need it! My sister offered to help with our move. So we took advantage of her offer and it was awesome!