10 Hobbies That Make Your KIDS SMARTER!

10 Hobbies that Make your Kids Smarter!

Playlists and Car Rides

The other day I was driving around listening to a playlist of songs that I use to listen to when I was younger. I’ve always found it refreshing something as simple as familiar roads and music can entertain your thoughts. After a few songs, I redirected my thoughts to where I am now and who I was then. It’s a weird feeling you get when you realize you’re a mom now, driving a Subaru, and your baby is babbling away in the back seat. I love my son and I say it often, I love being a Mommy! It’s nice to get these moments to reflect and think of the pre-mommy life but I made a complete 180 from the life I use to live.

I often read other blogs and see Moms that claim the “Mom Life” isn’t what they expected at all. They have this sense of resentment and frustration, which they weren’t prepared for. They see their friends going out and miss just being able to run into the gas station with no worries in the world. Of course parenting wasn’t meant to be a walk in the park, but I can’t understand how any mom would feel that way. Sure, I miss being able to just get up and go but that way of thinking is long gone. I accepted whatever challenge parenthood would entail when Mav and I decided to have a baby.

While a drive of reminiscing is a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t trade my mommy life for a lifetime of solo drives along the beach for anything.