One Big Fun Run & the OC Fair! 

Better late than never!! Our first 5k together was so much fun! The fair was a blast! So, we made a short little video documenting our day =) I managed to export at 90% …. I’ll take it! Enjoy <3

Work-Life Balance

Baby Baby and Mommy =)

Baby Baby and Mommy =)

I’ve been wanting to write on this topic for awhile. From the difference between the pre-baby life to the mom life. The many factors that contribute to my work-life balance and how it’s changed over the years but, has it really? Do I appreciate life more or do I have a better flow of balance between what keeps me busy and what I consider work? Let’s begin:

Pre Baby:

The perfect balance for me was work hard, play hard. If I didn’t work enough I had a poor life balance and I found myself where I needed a lot of ongoing projects in order to keep my life in order. To say a 80+ work week was the perfect combo to my work-life balance would be true. Although, I may not have worked 80 hours, I kept myself busy at one time or another. I finished my bachelors, I put more into my job, or I took on an extra job. When it came time to vacation, I could balance it out…a week at the longest. Then, came my overwhelming need to stay busy. My life made sense.

After Baby:

This is quite tricky but, follow me for a few sentences. The first year: I created this blog. If that gives you any insight to how my mind works. I also, choose to stay at home with my son. Did I work? Yes, but in a different sense. I had many tasks that kept me busy. I knew my balance had to change when Baby Baby turned one and shortly after we made the move. I knew to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to give my son the life he deserves, I would have to allow more time for work. It was a crazy transition at first but, by nature one I was able to adjust to. My work-life balance turned into one that involves 40 hours a week max and the rest of my time with rest and adventures. While I still stay busy, I find that perfect balance between work and life is a majority of projects and time with my family. My life makes sense.

What is a healthy work-life balance versus and unhealthy one? It’s hard when you want to give 100% to everything you do. When you become a Mom, that turns into a challenge (literally, I still want to put 100% into everything I do, if not more.) In order to avoid an unhealthy life-work balance, I keep a max on my work hours or at least I try too. It’s tough, that’s why I enjoy sharing my adventures, reviews, and what makes me love being a Mommy! I find myself sneaking in what one may see as work as apart of my life…because I’m just that type of person ;p I plan out every other weekend and I make every other “relax” ones…or what’s that term I use to use… “Let’s play it by ear.” Lol. It’s always an ongoing process. Life is precious and should never be left out of the balance. I think by creating projects, having great friends, good times with family, and blogging/vlogging, I’ve found what makes me happy, that perfect work-life balance =)

Vlog #2 ~ Strawberry Orange Pops!!

I decided to go ahead and share a healthy summer snack that Baby Baby and I love to make! It’s fun and simple! This video shares the ingredients and few quick simple steps to making Strawberry Orange Pops! Enjoy!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe day!

Baby baby and I have had an eventful day so far and after a short nap…it will continue with fireworks! I’ll update later tonight, for now here’s a picture from earlier today =)

Baby Baby and Mommy

Baby Baby and Mommy

Our day started early. We had a few options for the Fourth…of course, my first thought always is” let’s go to to parks.” lol. Then, I wanted to relax and either stay close to home or spend time with family. So, that left going to a parade that is in Lake Forest or venturing out to my sister’s place in Huntington Beach. We opted for Huntington Beach. Main street has one of the best Fourth of July parades. I grew up going just about every year! I wanted to be super mom and decorate a wagon or our bikes with streamers but, after a long week….I just didn’t have the time =( After the parade we had a nice lunch, watermelon and all! Baby baby played with the pups and eventually we took a nap. By the time our nap was over, Mav was home and we were able to watch the fireworks at a nearby park. Overall, a great fourth and an awesome weekend. A new vlog is currently in the works…..the plan is to upload it this week!! In the meanwhile, my old school blog posts will have to do ;p

Watermelon, fireworks, and a very patriotic Dada!

Watermelon, fireworks, and a very patriotic Dada!


From Blogs to Vlogs!

Helping Mommy with the camera & Dada's presents!

Helping Mommy with the camera & Dada’s presents!

I’m beyond excited to venture into the vlog world =) With some final purchases this morning, I have been able to finish filming my first vlog! I think the transition, especially for reviews makes sense. It’s funny to watch yourself on camera. It’s weird when you can visualize exactly what you want but the moment you hit “record” it just seems to naturally fall into place. Baby Baby has been a huge help and even brings the camera bag to me! I have started to review two items but, have three altogether … If you somewhat count the bike. Not like it’s an important piece to Mav’s Father’s Day present at all! Hahaha


filming in process…of course, Baby Baby had to join!

We have a big day planned for tomorrow. So, im hoping to edit tomorrow night. It’s Sunday…so, of course you’ll find us at the Parks. I’m planning on seeing the two ride together before heading to Anaheim … After all, I’m not assembling everything for excercise ;p

I Hope everyone is having a great weekend and check back for updates!