5 Tips that Make Breastfeeding Easier


After going through the breastfeeding process twice, there’s a few tips I wish I knew ahead of time. My first son I breastfeed for 15 months and my second well, we are still on the journey. During my first and second, I learned to enjoy my time feeding baby and hope to help others who wish to breastfeed. Here are 5 tips I came up with that helped my journey and I hope for them to help yours as well:

  1. Patience – being calm and patient allowed me to relax with my baby. This also allowed me to enjoy the time I had feeding Baby. The more relaxed I became the more milk I produced, after feedings I eventually able to pumped what baby didn’t eat!
  2. Breastfeeding Pillow – This can be anything from a regular pillow to ones made exclusively for breastfeeding. I used “My Brest Friend” for both kids. I loved the way it clipped around my waist and gave both baby and I support, it was perfect for breastfeeding.
  3. Nursing Cover – Using a nursing cover helped my breastfeeding anxiety in public. I used anything from a muslin swaddle blanket to wraps made for breastfeeding. Even the right loose t-shirts opted for a cover and that was enough. The importance of allowing yourself to go out n’ about as a new Mom is a lot. Breastfeeding shouldn’t stop your freedom.
  4. Nutrition – A healthy balanced diet helped me produce more milk. I also felt I was restricted from more foods while breastfeeding than pregnant. I learned quickly specific foods either didn’t allow me to produce quality milk or would upset the baby’s tummy! To eliminate what foods didn’t work, I created a list of what I ate, how I felt, how it made baby feel, and how I would replace it, if needed. Another reminder was how much calories you burn while breastfeeding your baby. Increasing your food intake is normal and will help increase your milk production too!
  5. Schedule – Stick to a feeding schedule. Not only is routine healthy in any lifestyle, it also helps develop one of the first schedules for your baby. Even though its breastfeeding, think of it as lunch, breakfast, and dinner, as well as snacks. You may also start to produce enough milk to include snacks as milk you pumped after feeding baby nights before!

As I encourage any Mom or Mommy-to-be to breastfeed these are just a few tips that helped me while feeding my two boys. A huge help was investing in a breast pump! A breast pump allowed me to increase my supply as well as keep breast milk safe for baby to eat while I was away. Pumping also gave my husband, grandma, and friends the ability to bond while feeding baby. The Breastfeeding Shop helps Mommies-to-be obtain a breast pump through their medical insurance. They make the process fast and easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions on this form and submit it! I would recommend using this company to help make the breastfeeding process easy and stress free! The mom life was created to be enjoyed, stay positive and strong!


Breastfeeding Simplified at The Breastfeeding Shop


The age difference between my first and second son is almost 3 years. Since I breastfed my first son, It came natural to do so with my second. Even though the age difference isn’t large, the advances in all sorts of baby gear made it hard to reuse the second time around. One of these items was my breast pump! While my first breast pump worked great, it also had seen a lot of love. So once again I found myself shopping breast pumps. This time around, I also was running a lot so I needed one that was convenient for travel. Luckily, I didn’t have to search far as I did with Baby Baby. The Breastfeeding Shop was a one stop, easy and great way to shop the perfect pump!TravelBreastPump

By offering a variety of breast pumps and accessories, I knew I could find one for the comfort of home and travel. Along with bottles and storage items I would need. Since they work with your insurance company, they help ensure your breast pump is covered. Their expertise is working with Military Moms and Tricare insurance, so that they can receive the top of line breast pumps at no cost.

In order to start the process to your insurance covered breast pump, you will need a prescription. No need to worry though, if you don’t have one yet.  The Breastfeeding Shop is able to contact your doctor on your behalf.  Once the prescription is available, you are able to fill out this form. In a few easy steps, the claim is processed and the pump is shipped directly to you! The Breastfeeding Shop simplifies the breast pump process and allows Moms-to-be access to the best products.


Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks Review


I was excited when Baby Mum-Mum reached out to Pray Run Live Love because their baby rice rusks were next on my list while shopping for the boys. We are always looking for different snacks, especially ones that offer a healthier alternative. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile you know that when I first introduced solids into Baby Baby’s diet, I made all his food. I really enjoyed knowing everything that went into his body. Of course over time and “grandma” visits, his diet isn’t always restricted to what I can make. So doing research and purchasing items that reflect a good diet is what I strive to do.BabyMumMum2

Now that I’ve begun the same process of making food for Little Little, I’m starting to introduce more healthier pre made snacks into his diet as well. We love Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks! Not only does Baby Baby eat them with peanut butter, Little little enjoys them too on their own. This past month I started adding snacks to his diet that he can feed himself with.  I was sent four flavors: original, original “fruit juice sweetened, no salt added,” banana, and carrot. Little Little liked all of them but favored “carrot” the most. The packaging is great and allows us to throw a few 2-pack mum-mums in the diaper bag for out ‘n’ about snacks. I could have seen Baby Baby really loving these snacks when we first introduced him to solids. They are lightly flavored and practically weightless. Since they quickly disolve while in your mouth, I’m not worried about the boys choking or eating too much. They are perfect for teething and introducing solid foods. I recommend Baby Mum-Mum to any child 3 and under.



  • lightweight
  • no mess
  • several flavors
  • naturally sweetened
  • made free of all 10 common allegies
  • individually wrapped 2-packs



  • quick to snap apart


Mom of Two


Only 10 hours old! So comfy and cozy <3

Early last week I became a mom of two! I can’t begin to explain how blessed I feel. My labor & delivery was fast and easy! From the time I arrived at the hospital until I was in advanced labor was all about 5 hours. As soon as Little Little was handed to me I fell in love, he is perfect…all 6 lbs of him! The transition into taking care of two little ones has been smooth. Of course, I’ve had Mav home with me this past week and he helps out with the small stuff. I believe the biggest help was being prepared. Prepared in the sense of having the right tools; rock ‘n play, dockatot, brestfriend, etc. all within easy access. It’s crazy how everything becomes second nature the second time around. I really can say I’m enjoying taking care of a newborn without worry. I didn’t get much of that with Baby Baby. While naturally I became a mother, anxiety and worry haunted me for months until I was able to relinquish the unknown to God. I’m so happy my prayers have been answered.

Coming home! Baby Baby watching his Little Brother!

Coming home! Baby Baby watching his Little Brother!

As for Baby Baby, he has taken an interest in his new Baby Brother. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially after his visit at the hospital. He wanted nothing to do with me let alone his new Baby Brother but once at home, he was back to himself and attempts to help out when he can. It’s really a precious sight and I’m looking forward to watching the two grow up together.

Balancing my time between the boys has been a small challenge. Baby Baby is learning patience; he’s not use to Mommy not jumping up anytime he asks for something. While Little Little is busy being a newborn; he eats, sleeps, poops, and lays on Mommy. Once we find a routine that works, especially when it’s just the three of us. I’m sure balance will establish itself with time. I can give myself a little credit for only being 6 days in, lol. Overall, my heart is full and that’s all that matters.

Family & Maternity Pictures

A few weeks ago we made our first trip back East since the move to California! It was a bittersweet feeling for me going back, I found so much of myself when I lived on the East Coast. It’s where I got my life together, finished my education, and became a Mother.

I love this! Precious moments year by year!

Awwww, I love this! The growth of our family in 4 years <3

We had so much planned for just a week and a half trip, from a Baby Sprinkle to a trip to Delaware! In between all of that we were fortunate enough to have Beckah, whose not only our good friend but a photographer in town shooting a wedding. She offered to take our maternity and family pictures. So, of course we jumped at the offer! If you’ve followed my blog you know that http://www.herewithyouphotography.com has captured all our family’s precious moments. From our gender reveal with Baby Baby, Engagement, to the Wedding! We love her work!

Here are a few or our favorites from the shoot:

Mav+Heidi2016_Web-10 Mav+Heidi2016_Web-08 Mav+Heidi2016_Web-09 Mav+Heidi2016_Web-07jpg Mav+Heidi2016_Web-06 Mav+Heidi2016_Web-05 Mav+Heidi2016_Web-03 Mav+Heidi2016_Web-04

One thing I didn’t miss while on the East Coast was the humidity, lol! Besides that it was a fun trip and great to enjoy the little East Coast pleasures we don’t have here on the West!

“I’ll never want it back. The direction that you’ve gave me. Nothing can replace what I’ve gained. Time grabs me by the shoulders. No one know how it feels to move over.” -NFG

Happy Father’s Day 2016!

to all the great men out there who set their dreams, goals, and aspirations around their family.

Happy Father's Day! Love, Mommy, Baby Baby & Little <3

Happy Father’s Day! Love, Mommy, Baby Baby & Little Little<3


I’m very grateful that my heavenly father has graced me with the presence of a husband that resembles him to his children. Mav is the definition of selfless. He always puts his family needs before his own. He’s made sacrifices that allows our family to be together “always.” I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it much more, we’re very blessed to have him apart of our lives. He’s the best Father Baby Baby and Little Little could ask for. We love you Mav and Happy Father’s Day!


A new pair of ears is set to arrive late August 2016!!

A New Pair of Ears is set to arrive late August 2016!!

Mav, Baby Baby, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Little Little into this world. I have no doubt in my mind Baby Baby is going to be a great big brother. I’m excited to become a Mommy of two and I can’t wait to continue our wild adventures with Little Little. Let the countdown begin!!


*Photo Edited by: Rebecca R Events

The Two-Year Checkup

Today was Baby Baby’s two-year checkup. It’s crazy to think he’s almost two and it feels like yesterday, I was just blogging away for his first year review! As I mentioned before, I wanted to find a better fit for us since his 18-month checkup. So, I had to do a little research and work with our insurance to find a new pediatrician. I think his new pedi is great and she’s a lot closer to us as well. New surroundings kept Baby Baby preoccupied as we entered the medical center however, once we were in the office…even with toys, he had an idea of what was coming next =/ A fussy toddler was quickly weighed and marked for height. Drum roll please…..weighing in at 25 lbs and 35.5 inches tall, my silly goose is such a big boy now!!! Only a 1/2 inch more and he’s tall enough for some of the big kid rides at the Parks ;p

The Best!!! Such a Happy Boy!

The Best!!! Such a Happy Boy! When you get shots…you can have fried chicken ;p

He received two shots today that follows his vaccine schedule as well as some immediate blood work, that came back good. I think as a Mommy this check-up was a little harder than others. The last six months my schedule has changed drastically from where I was at all his other check-ups. I took it a little hard when I didn’t have all the answers for the pediatrician, even though my husband did. During the first year and a bit into the second, I was the one that would chart everything. I knew what made Baby Baby fussy while breastfeeding and exactly to the ounce how much he would drink. I really never thought I would find myself balancing so much. I guess what’s important is that he is always surrounded by family and loved ones and because of this, he is a very strong, bright, and independent toddler. I guess all I can do moving forward is get back on those spreadsheets, lol.

Having Fun at the Lego Store =)

Having Fun at the Lego Store =)

After his visit,  we ventured around the corner to the Mission Viejo Mall. Where we took advantage of grabbing an early dinner and letting Baby Baby run around. It’s some of our small adventures I cherish the most. Looking back at this year, if anything I’m happy to live somewhere my husband can be home every night, where we have the Parks ;p and of course, loved ones.


Safety prevails =) We officially welcomed another Subaru into our family. I knew it was going to be hard to get the “Outback” out of the back of mind since, I started car shopping. Not a huge fan of the Outback originally, I became a fan last year with the release of the new body style! It was the transition of a wagon into an suv that kept me memorized on its beauty. So, when I went car shopping. I went to a few dealerships and left the Subaru dealership for an online inquiry.

I’ve wanted the new Outback but, I had so many stipulations; It had to be fully loaded…it needed to be a specific color and the interior needed to be black. I had strict trade-in requirements as well as fair pricing adjustments…so, when I got a call one Sunday morning letting me know they had my car. I knew it was a possibility but, very unlikely. I say this because I’ve looked for this car for awhile and it’s what made me venture into other makes and models. Also,  with new fleets coming in…odds was it was pre-sold! So, I said email me the window sticker and some pics …after review I may come see it ;p 30 mins later I was on the road to my “soon to be” new Mom mobile.  A quick snap of the car seat in the back and a test drive around the block …. I said, “let’s do this!”

I’m in love with my Outback, it’s the perfect Mom mobile! I loved my other options and don’t get me wrong, I would have been happy with the XC60 or a Wrangler but, I can see Baby Baby getting his drivers license in this car! I can’t wait to throw the roof rack on and the adventures that lie ahead! We’re officially Team Subaru and I love it =)

*for personal reasons, I’ve decided to not post pics at this time (=

From Blogs to Vlogs!

Helping Mommy with the camera & Dada's presents!

Helping Mommy with the camera & Dada’s presents!

I’m beyond excited to venture into the vlog world =) With some final purchases this morning, I have been able to finish filming my first vlog! I think the transition, especially for reviews makes sense. It’s funny to watch yourself on camera. It’s weird when you can visualize exactly what you want but the moment you hit “record” it just seems to naturally fall into place. Baby Baby has been a huge help and even brings the camera bag to me! I have started to review two items but, have three altogether … If you somewhat count the bike. Not like it’s an important piece to Mav’s Father’s Day present at all! Hahaha


filming in process…of course, Baby Baby had to join!

We have a big day planned for tomorrow. So, im hoping to edit tomorrow night. It’s Sunday…so, of course you’ll find us at the Parks. I’m planning on seeing the two ride together before heading to Anaheim … After all, I’m not assembling everything for excercise ;p

I Hope everyone is having a great weekend and check back for updates!