The 5 Benefits of Breastfeeding

img_5444Breastfeeding has so many benefits that is great for Mom and Baby! I breastfed both my boys and I’m so glad I was able to. I nursed both of them for over a year. Breastfeeding while tough sometimes, was easier to adjust to when I saw the benefits. I made a list of 5 benefits, which I compiled from different medical sources as well as from my doctor.

  1. Body Changes: If you decide to breastfeed as soon as your Baby arrives, the body changing benefits are unbelievable. As soon as your little one starts nursing, your body begins to shrink your uterus back to it’s state before Baby. You will physically feel your uterus shrinking in the form of craps. To me this was an amazing feeling and I watched my body shrink over the weeks after Baby.
  2. Antibodies: Your breastmilk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off bacteria and viruses. Which lowers your Baby’s risk of allergies or asthma.
  3. Breastfeed Longer: Studies have showed, babies who are breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months have fewer infections, respiratory illness, or diarrhea.
  4. Bonding: The experience of bonding between Mommy and their Baby during breastfeeding is a surreal feeling. You also, get extra snuggles and hugs!
  5. Routine: Mommy and Baby have a better adjustment to setting a better routine while breastfeeding. This allows Baby to understand schedules such as sleep and eating, which helps early development into their toddler years.


I knew breastfeeding was good for my boys but didn’t realize how rewarding it was until I experience all the benefits!!! One of the things that helped me understand the benefits was obtaining a breast pump through my insurance. I recommend, “The Breastfeeding Shop.” They are a family owned business which specializes with TriCare Insurance and Military Moms. To see if you qualify for a free breast pump, click on this form and fill in your information. Once submitted, The Breastfeeding Shop will check into your insurance and let you know which pump you are able to select! It’s that simple, and now knowing the amazing benefits it’s worth getting pump and increasing your supply.


5 Tips that Make Breastfeeding Easier


After going through the breastfeeding process twice, there’s a few tips I wish I knew ahead of time. My first son I breastfeed for 15 months and my second well, we are still on the journey. During my first and second, I learned to enjoy my time feeding baby and hope to help others who wish to breastfeed. Here are 5 tips I came up with that helped my journey and I hope for them to help yours as well:

  1. Patience – being calm and patient allowed me to relax with my baby. This also allowed me to enjoy the time I had feeding Baby. The more relaxed I became the more milk I produced, after feedings I eventually able to pumped what baby didn’t eat!
  2. Breastfeeding Pillow – This can be anything from a regular pillow to ones made exclusively for breastfeeding. I used “My Brest Friend” for both kids. I loved the way it clipped around my waist and gave both baby and I support, it was perfect for breastfeeding.
  3. Nursing Cover – Using a nursing cover helped my breastfeeding anxiety in public. I used anything from a muslin swaddle blanket to wraps made for breastfeeding. Even the right loose t-shirts opted for a cover and that was enough. The importance of allowing yourself to go out n’ about as a new Mom is a lot. Breastfeeding shouldn’t stop your freedom.
  4. Nutrition – A healthy balanced diet helped me produce more milk. I also felt I was restricted from more foods while breastfeeding than pregnant. I learned quickly specific foods either didn’t allow me to produce quality milk or would upset the baby’s tummy! To eliminate what foods didn’t work, I created a list of what I ate, how I felt, how it made baby feel, and how I would replace it, if needed. Another reminder was how much calories you burn while breastfeeding your baby. Increasing your food intake is normal and will help increase your milk production too!
  5. Schedule – Stick to a feeding schedule. Not only is routine healthy in any lifestyle, it also helps develop one of the first schedules for your baby. Even though its breastfeeding, think of it as lunch, breakfast, and dinner, as well as snacks. You may also start to produce enough milk to include snacks as milk you pumped after feeding baby nights before!

As I encourage any Mom or Mommy-to-be to breastfeed these are just a few tips that helped me while feeding my two boys. A huge help was investing in a breast pump! A breast pump allowed me to increase my supply as well as keep breast milk safe for baby to eat while I was away. Pumping also gave my husband, grandma, and friends the ability to bond while feeding baby. The Breastfeeding Shop helps Mommies-to-be obtain a breast pump through their medical insurance. They make the process fast and easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions on this form and submit it! I would recommend using this company to help make the breastfeeding process easy and stress free! The mom life was created to be enjoyed, stay positive and strong!


Breastfeeding Simplified at The Breastfeeding Shop


The age difference between my first and second son is almost 3 years. Since I breastfed my first son, It came natural to do so with my second. Even though the age difference isn’t large, the advances in all sorts of baby gear made it hard to reuse the second time around. One of these items was my breast pump! While my first breast pump worked great, it also had seen a lot of love. So once again I found myself shopping breast pumps. This time around, I also was running a lot so I needed one that was convenient for travel. Luckily, I didn’t have to search far as I did with Baby Baby. The Breastfeeding Shop was a one stop, easy and great way to shop the perfect pump!TravelBreastPump

By offering a variety of breast pumps and accessories, I knew I could find one for the comfort of home and travel. Along with bottles and storage items I would need. Since they work with your insurance company, they help ensure your breast pump is covered. Their expertise is working with Military Moms and Tricare insurance, so that they can receive the top of line breast pumps at no cost.

In order to start the process to your insurance covered breast pump, you will need a prescription. No need to worry though, if you don’t have one yet.  The Breastfeeding Shop is able to contact your doctor on your behalf.  Once the prescription is available, you are able to fill out this form. In a few easy steps, the claim is processed and the pump is shipped directly to you! The Breastfeeding Shop simplifies the breast pump process and allows Moms-to-be access to the best products.


It’s Giveaway Time!


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The Breastfeeding Shop


When I was pregnant with Baby Baby as a first time Mom I googled everything, joined every Mommy board possible and took full advantage of each check up. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and that I would need a pump, whether I was producing more for back up supply or if I got a night off. So, when a Mom posted on a board about breast pumps and insurance, I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a lot of information online and always referred back to that one post. So, when I came across The Breastfeeding Shop a few weeks ago. I knew I had to blog about it!

The Breastfeeding Shop offers a variety of breast pumps and accessories. They work with your insurance company to ensure your pump is covered. They specialize in working with military moms and Tricare insurance so that they can receive the best breast pumps at no cost. All you have to do is check the areas they service and go from there!

The Breastfeeding Shop educates and simplifies the breast pump process; They include the prescription form, insurance form and any additional information a Mommy-to-be may need to ensure they get their breast pump in time for baby! What I love the most is that the shop is a family owned business that believes every mother has the right to choose to breastfeed and have access to a breast pump!

To learn more visit: The Breastfeeding Shop


Happy New Year!!


My morning view =)

I started my new year out with a fun run. The run was at Bolsa Chica State Beach and was hosted by hosts a few different runs a year with fun themes, like the Turkey Trot or Rabbit Run. This race was called, “Run in the New Year” and was little smaller than some of the races I’ve participated in. There was a 5k and 10k course, I was apart of the 5k which consisted of 302 runners. This also was the first race I’ve ran in awhile without…..Baby Baby! I’m sure he didn’t mind as it was 45 degrees, lol. It was a bit strange being at an event without the BOB but, I really wanted to start getting use to running races solo and prepping for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon I’ll be running in May.

The course was parallel to the coast and was gorgeous. It was similar to the Surf City 10 run however, this one started at the tail end of Huntington and wasn’t directly on PCH. I started the run with steady pace and stayed focused. I knew I really wanted to hit the pace I’ve been training for. With the new year, I had so many thoughts running through my head and when I hit the halfway mark and did a quick time check, I felt so relieved. I sort of cried, lol…I’m such a girl. I kept saying to myself the last mile, “you got this.” Which is so cliche but, I really believed it! Once I got about 1/2 mile out from the finish, I picked up my speed a little bit. I ended up finishing at 26:34:40 and avg. a pace of 8:34. Surprisingly, I ended up the 1st place female in my age division and 35th place overall. Not too shabby for my first solo race in awhile. It was a nice way to start the new year in my running career.

My super cool 1st place mug ;p

My super cool 1st place mug ;p

My next race will be in two weeks and it’s going to be a 5 mile trail run. I’m super excited, this is a trail series that offers 5-7-10 mi. courses and is split up into 3 different runs. So, I registered for the series and will be running a 5, 7, then 10 mi between Jan-March. I think it will be great prep runs for the Half Marathon. Also, such fun scenery and I’m curious to see my pace on more hills and trails=) I hope that everyone had a great New Year and has lot’s of goals for 2016. This year already looks amazing, I can’t wait to see what else it has in store! Happy New Year!

Busy-Mom Secrets for a Clean House

As a mom you probably have high standards when it comes to housekeeping. You want that the house is sparkling so that your children live in a healthy environment and your guests keep asking how you manage to maintain such a gleaming home. Truth be told, it’s not possible to keep everything under control. Life after kids is much different than life before kids. You need to set new standards and to change your priorities. Tidy home instead of sparkling home. More time to rest instead of more time to have fun. Once you do that, you’ll realize housekeeping is not that difficult. Have a look at our tips on keeping a clean home.

clean house

Clean in Chunks

Before you became a mom, you could set aside a whole day to clean and declutter your home but when kids are born, you can barely spend half an hour cleaning. Believing you can accomplish a whole host of household chores with children around is pretty unrealistic. You need to break down the cleaning into small manageable chunks. For example, spend 15 minutes scrubbing the bathroom tiles and sink in the afternoon when your kids are napping or playing games in the open. In the evening, when everybody goes to bed, take the time to wash the dishes and sweep the floors. You can vacuum the living room first thing in the morning before you go to work.

Involve Your Family

Now, who says you have to be the only person who washes the dishes and sweeps the floor? You are a family, right? You need to learn the basics of teamwork. Now is a right time for your relatives to start helping you with the chores. You can assign plenty of small tasks to your spouse and children, such as picking up dirty clothes and toys from the floor, setting and cleaning off the table, collecting the dirty dishes, gathering newspapers, loading the laundry machine or the dishwasher, etc. When the serious cleaning begins, all the areas will be fully accessible and you’ll get the job done with ease.

Create a Schedule

Rather than doing chores randomly, set up a schedule where each task has to be done on a specific day of the week. For example, sweep and mop the floors on Monday, dust on Tuesday, do the laundry on Saturday, etc. It is also important to reward yourself. Every time you manage to keep up with your schedule, give yourself a treat.

Keep Your Children Occupied

If you have to do housework when your children are at home, you’ll find it difficult to focus on the tasks. Hence, you need to make sure your kids are occupied. Let them play their favorite games or watch a movie. The longer you manage to keep them occupied, the more time for you to clean. Make sure to offer something interesting so they don’t get bored after a little while.

Things don’t have to be perfect, though. Your home doesn’t have to be immaculate. If you aim for perfection, you will never reach your goal. But if you divide housework into small chunks, you will be able to keep your home clean. Sometimes it’s all about appearances. If your home looks clean, you’ll feel great.

Do Something Small Every Day

Make it a habit to do some cleaning at the end of each day and your home will be in great condition. This will keep it from overcrowding.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a day off. You are not a robot and you need a break, too. Sometimes cleaning can wait. Don’t forget that you need to be well rested in the first place in order to tackle your responsibilities and bring up your children. What matters is that you don’t stress over the chores. Clean whenever you can and as much as you can. The only standards you need to meet are your own.

The article is contributed by TenancyClean NW5


The Pumpkin Patch – Round Two

First Halloween compared to Goose's Second =)

Goose’s First Halloween compared to his Second =)

Let me begin with, what happened to my Baby Baby? I took a picture of Baby Baby on top of the “Do Not Sit Pumpkin” again this year (yep, we’re so bad ;p) To compare the differences between Baby Baby’s First Halloween to his Second. As you can see the picture says it all, I now can admit and see I have a toddler, big boy, lil’ man….Awe, as I wipe away tears.

a quick pose before he jumped of the the deck =/

a quick pose before Baby Baby jumped off the deck =/ such a wild boy!

To beat the heat, we got to the patch an hour before they opened and managed to leave right before it hit 90 degrees! The high for Sunday ended up at 102 degrees in Orange =X You got to love Southern California Fall weather ;P I can say this year’s Pumpkin Patch adventure at Irvine Park was a little more active then last years. Last year, Baby Baby was just learning how to walk and now our lil’ guy is running up a storm.  We played in the haunted house (mommy’s fav) and ran around the maze. Baby Baby picked out a pumpkin and also, climbed on everything and anything. At almost 23 months old he doesn’t leave out any chance to find something to climb up and jump off of! I learned to teach him the term, “brush it off.” So, with minor falls he jumps back up brushes his two hands together and gets on his way. (I’m totally not conditioning his habits for future hockey leagues…hahaha.) Unlike last year, we didn’t venture over to the zoo. Since we live in California now….we have all the time to visit Irvine Park, especially on a day that isn’t so hot! We did do brunch closer to home at an old favorite called, “Snooty Fox!” Mav and Baby Baby loved it, it wasn’t Mav’s “Cracker Barrel” but, I got him to admit it was better =)

keeping our Sunday selfie game strong

keeping our Sunday selfie game strong

It was such a perfect Sunday Funday with the family. Especially, since the night before Mav and I had our first date day/night in awhile…which, I plan to share in another post. We’ve been super busy this October and in the next few weeks it will only get busier. I love this time of year and I can’t get enough of all the activities Southern California has to offer!! We still have Mickey’s Halloween Party to attend. Which will be at the end of the month. Baby Baby and Mommy have another 5k coming up as well.  I’m very excited to participate in another race and our training has not only been fun but, a stress relief. That’s all for now, I’m going to finish enjoying the rest of my favorite day of the week, MONDAY!! I hope to post again soon =)


Review Vlog #1 ~ Schwinn and Bell products!

Whoa….what a process this has been! I’m excited to announce my first Vlog is up! *note to anyone making this transition – don’t make your first vlog a review of “three” items ;p

This will always be an ongoing learning process, which I love! So, please go ahead and check out my channel: