Angels 5k & Fun Run

Angels 5k & Fun Run

Angels 5k & Fun Run

I love my 5ks! Especially after those trail runs, lol. They are bittersweet; the first mile is a breeze, the second I’m debating if I’m going to pick up my pace or die, and the third goes by so fast I don’t even realize I just past the finish line! Well, that’s the way I see my 5ks =) My most recent Angels 5k & Fun Run had to be by far my favorite run and course. I wouldn’t think at 20 weeks pregnant I would say that.

Post Run "bump" Pic!

Post Run “bump” Pic!

The event itself along with the charities the race supported was enough to get me to register, let alone it was at Angel Stadium! Go Angels! I did study the course a few days before the race, not like this always helps as the course could change but it at least gives me an idea of where I’m going.  Being pregnant (I forget sometimes) I wasn’t expecting to get a good time. This run surprised me though I did manage to maintain a 8 minute mile. The course was a nice flat surface with a slight dip when you ran through the dugout near the end of mile 3 inside Angel Stadium. I think I’m still in “awe” that I wasn’t running uphill, hahaha. The weather was calling for rain but started just after we finished the race. This run reminded me a lot of the OC Fair Run; awesome vendors,  great location and a whole lot of fun. I know I’ll be registering again for this run next year, this time with a double BOB ;p

Not to shabby for 20 weeks pregnant! I'll take it =)

Not to shabby for 20 weeks pregnant! I’ll take it =)

Baby Kicks =)

First kicks arrived this week. Oh, how I’m amazed by how precious life is. I’m going to be a bit honest here. Mav and I originally planned for Baby Baby #2 but took a step back prior to when we thought I could conceive ;p So, when I found I was pregnant last month and not just by a couple weeks, it was a surprise. I found out I was pregnant with Baby Baby March 24th 2013 so about 3 years ago. With Baby Baby, we knew everything down to the day of conception. I feel with Little Little I missed a lot of the first trimester but at the same time skipped the worry. The great thing for me is I don’t do anything that would have made this pregnancy scary health wise such as drinking. I took prenatels because it’s the vitamins I choose to take in general. I run but the doctor wasn’t worried as long as I didn’t start a up a new training schedule. I’m a frequent Disneyland visitor but no wild rides when your bff is 36 inches tall ;p So not a whole lot of craziness, lol.

So back to kicks. It’s amazing, I’m so lucky to be able to journey into motherhood again for the second time. I have to admit when I found out I had so many different thoughts and I really didn’t know how another baby would fit into our lives. I love Baby Baby but to love another just as much and with my whole heart just felt unreal. I know I can now. I feel these kicks and I witness life. How can I love someone I have never met so much? I’m beyond blessed =)

OC Chili Winter Train Run Series

5 Mile Run - 9 Weeks

5 Mile Run – 9 Weeks

This past Saturday concluded my trail run series. All three runs were intense, challenging and different. When I signed up I wanted to help strengthen my pace and distance, while running a different type of terrain. Each course allowed me to do that the last three months. While I was pregnant throughout each run, I still think my time would have stayed the same if I were just a single runner….lol. You had the option to choose your distance with each run. If I wanted to run 5 miles each race, I could sign up for the 5 mile course. However, I wanted to build strength for my upcoming half marathon so, I chose to run 5-7-10 miles. The first run was 5 miles and so different from the paved paths I normally would run. I ran this run while 9 weeks pregnant ;p The first two miles were all uphill until you reached about a 1500 ft. elevation. which was brutal but doable. If Only I knew at the time I’d have to get use to those hills as they paved the path for the next two courses.

7 Miles - 14 Weeks

7 Miles – 14 Weeks

The second run was 7 miles and while I studied up on the course, the day of the race they changed the path (of course!) So, those 2 uphill miles became your friend especially when you made it down the hill, the course had you turn around and run back up! I ran this run when I was 14 weeks pregnant. Throughout the next 5 miles, it was downhill, aside the hills, paved, dirt and rock. I actually stopped listening to music before this run because I knew I had to be on top of things because any split second change could result in a nasty fall. None the less the course change and distance worked for me.

10 Miles - 17 Weeks

10 Miles – 17 Weeks

The third and final run of the series was 10 miles and was the 5 mile and 7 mile course with the extra 3 miles running out and turning back around. This run, I was really nervous for, I was now 17 weeks pregnant. I had the distance down but when you put all terrain in, It really changes up my distance and openly running pregnant made me cautious. The first 5 miles I slowed down and really watched my steps, there’s parts on the trails that are at 80 degree angle downhill and as wide as 1 ft across. Once I ran the first 5 miles, I felt good and thought the next 5 would be easy. At mile 8, I fell =/ After reading on trail runs, I knew going down to keep to my side but it was still a shock. I still keep replaying how I lost my balance and all I can think is the shift in gravel. I stayed down for about a minute before coming to terms with I have to finish. I finished about 20 minutes later. All and all, thank goodness I was fine. Little Little is good.

The series was great and I would definitely run it again….however, run it pregnant? No, I don’t think I’ll find myself on similar trails until after Little Little arrives! The series did help prep me for my upcoming half marathon and I really do believe the hills have helped my pace on paved runs. While I loved running in this series, my personal goal for a future series is to work on those hills. I enjoy being one within nature and trail runs will give you that peace of mind. I know if I was a stronger runner I could enjoy the course more and appreciate my surroundings as well. We will just have to see what the future brings =)

Happy New Year!!


My morning view =)

I started my new year out with a fun run. The run was at Bolsa Chica State Beach and was hosted by hosts a few different runs a year with fun themes, like the Turkey Trot or Rabbit Run. This race was called, “Run in the New Year” and was little smaller than some of the races I’ve participated in. There was a 5k and 10k course, I was apart of the 5k which consisted of 302 runners. This also was the first race I’ve ran in awhile without…..Baby Baby! I’m sure he didn’t mind as it was 45 degrees, lol. It was a bit strange being at an event without the BOB but, I really wanted to start getting use to running races solo and prepping for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon I’ll be running in May.

The course was parallel to the coast and was gorgeous. It was similar to the Surf City 10 run however, this one started at the tail end of Huntington and wasn’t directly on PCH. I started the run with steady pace and stayed focused. I knew I really wanted to hit the pace I’ve been training for. With the new year, I had so many thoughts running through my head and when I hit the halfway mark and did a quick time check, I felt so relieved. I sort of cried, lol…I’m such a girl. I kept saying to myself the last mile, “you got this.” Which is so cliche but, I really believed it! Once I got about 1/2 mile out from the finish, I picked up my speed a little bit. I ended up finishing at 26:34:40 and avg. a pace of 8:34. Surprisingly, I ended up the 1st place female in my age division and 35th place overall. Not too shabby for my first solo race in awhile. It was a nice way to start the new year in my running career.

My super cool 1st place mug ;p

My super cool 1st place mug ;p

My next race will be in two weeks and it’s going to be a 5 mile trail run. I’m super excited, this is a trail series that offers 5-7-10 mi. courses and is split up into 3 different runs. So, I registered for the series and will be running a 5, 7, then 10 mi between Jan-March. I think it will be great prep runs for the Half Marathon. Also, such fun scenery and I’m curious to see my pace on more hills and trails=) I hope that everyone had a great New Year and has lot’s of goals for 2016. This year already looks amazing, I can’t wait to see what else it has in store! Happy New Year!

Surf City 10 

A perfect Sunday Funday!

A perfect Sunday Funday!

In order to continue our streak of October being our busiest month of the year. This past Sunday Baby Baby and Mommy participated in the Surf City 10 in Huntington Beach, CA. The race consist of a run along PCH, it offers a 10 mile, 10k, and 5k. We decided to run the 5k portion of the race and I’m very happy we did. As I prepped in the upcoming weeks, I’ve been having trouble with my right knee.  I knew I was in for a positive mental adjustment when my knee started acting up only a 1/2 mile in. I was able to focus on my surroundings and clear my head in order to finish the race close to the time I anticipated (30:00.)

Aside from my ouchies, the race was amazing. Running along side the ocean and at 66 degrees was so nice. Baby Baby was all snuggled up in the Bob, it never fails …. he always gets a better time than Mommy ;p We finished the race in 31:01 and our gun time was 31:58. Not too shabby and better than our last race. When Baby Baby and I run it’s for fun…I’m not going to lie though, it feels good finishing at a good time.

After the run there was a costume contest. Baby Baby had a lot of fun and we had a little trouble getting him off the stage (future performer perhaps, lol.) He won a gift bag from one of the sponsors.  Overall, it was a early Sunday Funday and a great morning adventure. My ultimate goal is to run a marathon….all in time though. Right now I’m putting a halt on 2016 registrations for personal reasons. We’ll just have to see what the next few months brings. Our next race is in December. We’ll be running another fun run in Irvine called, “Run for a Claus.” The race is still open for registration! So come run with us!