Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City_01

This past week the boys and I visited Pretend City Children’s Museum. Before visiting I really didn’t know what to expect, all I knew about the museum was it is designed to teach children, “how the world works.” When we arrived, we were given a tour and learned about each exhibit which made up a miniature city. The exhibit’s are all interactive and designed to allow children to explore them on their own. This gives a child the ability to be creative and to exercise their cognitive thinking skills. Each exhibit will tell you why it was created and how it will help your child’s development. Some of the skills a child will be building include: critical thinking, fine motor skills, social-emotional skills, leadership, appreciation for diversity, and the list goes on!

Pretend City_04

Just a small view of “The Farm,” which also features live baby chicks!

What really I liked about the Museum is it has a little something for all ages. Baby Baby is almost 3 and I felt he was a good age to explore all the exhibits. He really enjoyed the farm, amphitheater, grocery store, and science center. For younger children, there is a soft playground area in the center of the city which helps build balance and coordination. For older children, the exhibits will allow them to develop their critical thinking skills. I also learned the Museum hosts different events, from Baby Steps to Autism Event Nights. I love this, since it allows Parents to connect with the community, gain knowledge and support.

There is so much to do at Pretend City, I felt the first visit just got Baby Baby’s brain thinking. I know we will definately be planning to go back. As he grows older, I can see him exploring each exhibit from a different prospective. I’m also excited to see how Little Little will grow with the city, once he learns to crawl. I included some pictures from our adventure. I couldn’t get all the exhibits, we did have other favorites such as the marina, beach, and home. After all, it is just like a city! Stay turned to future adventures, which I’m sure I’ll post on Instagram.

Pretend City03

A glimpse of the bank, grocery store, post office, and gas station!

Pretend City_02

Baby Baby grocery shopping! He loved naming the fruits and veggies along with their colors!

Pretend City_05

The amphitheater! This was Baby Baby’s favorite, he loved playing with everything from the props to the soundboard =)