Busy-Mom Secrets for a Clean House

As a mom you probably have high standards when it comes to housekeeping. You want that the house is sparkling so that your children live in a healthy environment and your guests keep asking how you manage to maintain such a gleaming home. Truth be told, it’s not possible to keep everything under control. Life after kids is much different than life before kids. You need to set new standards and to change your priorities. Tidy home instead of sparkling home. More time to rest instead of more time to have fun. Once you do that, you’ll realize housekeeping is not that difficult. Have a look at our tips on keeping a clean home.

clean house

Clean in Chunks

Before you became a mom, you could set aside a whole day to clean and declutter your home but when kids are born, you can barely spend half an hour cleaning. Believing you can accomplish a whole host of household chores with children around is pretty unrealistic. You need to break down the cleaning into small manageable chunks. For example, spend 15 minutes scrubbing the bathroom tiles and sink in the afternoon when your kids are napping or playing games in the open. In the evening, when everybody goes to bed, take the time to wash the dishes and sweep the floors. You can vacuum the living room first thing in the morning before you go to work.

Involve Your Family

Now, who says you have to be the only person who washes the dishes and sweeps the floor? You are a family, right? You need to learn the basics of teamwork. Now is a right time for your relatives to start helping you with the chores. You can assign plenty of small tasks to your spouse and children, such as picking up dirty clothes and toys from the floor, setting and cleaning off the table, collecting the dirty dishes, gathering newspapers, loading the laundry machine or the dishwasher, etc. When the serious cleaning begins, all the areas will be fully accessible and you’ll get the job done with ease.

Create a Schedule

Rather than doing chores randomly, set up a schedule where each task has to be done on a specific day of the week. For example, sweep and mop the floors on Monday, dust on Tuesday, do the laundry on Saturday, etc. It is also important to reward yourself. Every time you manage to keep up with your schedule, give yourself a treat.

Keep Your Children Occupied

If you have to do housework when your children are at home, you’ll find it difficult to focus on the tasks. Hence, you need to make sure your kids are occupied. Let them play their favorite games or watch a movie. The longer you manage to keep them occupied, the more time for you to clean. Make sure to offer something interesting so they don’t get bored after a little while.

Things don’t have to be perfect, though. Your home doesn’t have to be immaculate. If you aim for perfection, you will never reach your goal. But if you divide housework into small chunks, you will be able to keep your home clean. Sometimes it’s all about appearances. If your home looks clean, you’ll feel great.

Do Something Small Every Day

Make it a habit to do some cleaning at the end of each day and your home will be in great condition. This will keep it from overcrowding.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a day off. You are not a robot and you need a break, too. Sometimes cleaning can wait. Don’t forget that you need to be well rested in the first place in order to tackle your responsibilities and bring up your children. What matters is that you don’t stress over the chores. Clean whenever you can and as much as you can. The only standards you need to meet are your own.

The article is contributed by TenancyClean NW5