Christmas 2015

We were all on the Nice List!

We were all on the Nice List!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Our Christmas started out bright and early Friday morning. Mav made reservations early November for Christmas Breakfast at the Plaza Inn inside Disneyland. I was a little nervous to be heading to the Parks on Christmas but, having reservations worked out in our favor. If you make reservations inside either Park around the time they open you are able to enter through a “special line” on the side. This saved us time by skipping the main lines and also let us run around a non crowded Main Street USA on Christmas Morning!!! How cool is that?? We’re such disnerds it’s not even funny ;p

Christmas Morning at the Parks!

Christmas Morning at the Parks!

Plaza Inn is another buffet style resturant at the Parks that feature dinning with Disney characters. As you eat, different characters come up and say, “hi.” It’s fun and adds to the experience. After breakfast, we decided to jump on a few rides before we headed out (and it got busy.) We made it on Dumbo and King Arthur’s Carrousel!


Such a happy boy!!

Such a happy boy!!

We arrived home around 10:30 AM and was wondering if Baby Baby was going to nap or not….nope, no nap! So, as I made sure the video was rolling. Mav took Baby Baby in our room until I gave him the “okay.” Baby Baby ran out and around the corner; his face was priceless when he saw the presents! All our handwork had paid off =)

I really was so nervous to get Baby Baby more toys, especially with a late November Birthday. There’s a few after Baby Baby opened them I set aside. Is it bad that I want to ration them out over the next few weeks? lol. I guess it keeps for busy Mommy <3

Just a few of my favorite things....Santa and Mav did well ;p

Just a few of my favorite things….Santa and Mav did well ;p

I on the other hand is all about less is more. A few years ago when I refocused my life, I started wanting more adventures versus things. As somethings are important; a safe car, a roof over your head, etc. If someone asks me what I want as a gift; I want to explore, trips, a nice lunch…. memories I can keep forever. So with that said….Mav was spot on with his “main” gift choice for me this Christmas and that is he paid my entry fee for The Tinkerbell Half-Marathon! I can’t wait to experience the run! I was so happy I cried yeah, total nerd moment! I guess my Valentine’s gift to the boys will be a section in the chEAR Squad ;p hahaha.

Mav’s and Baby Baby’s First California Christmas was amazing! The day started out great, a perfect late morning playtime, and in the evening we grilled some steaks! I love my little family =) 2015 has been such a fun year…I can’t wait for us to take on 2016!

Where did the Time Go?

No, really? Where did December go? I can’t believe it’s already the 24th! Since our run we’ve been taking advantage of Holiday festivities around town. We’ve also been taking it easy. I really wanted to enjoy the month and not worry about shopping, crowds and craziness….so we did a lot of our shopping the same time we bought Baby Baby’s Birthday gifts. I’m not going to lie, I did venture out into the malls a few times. It’s sort of inevitable. However, I went in on a mission and out accomplished, hahaha ;p Mav’s been working a lot, it’s prime time in his industry during this time of year so, it’s not much of a choice. He enjoys it though, and as long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

The weather has been wonderful. It’s exciting to be able to share Mav’s and Baby Baby’s first California Christmas. I really don’t think Mav knows what to do with himself. I watch him dress in his Winter outfits and he wants to wear his coats so bad but, nope…it’s not going to happen, lol. I don’t think Baby Baby realizes how lucky we are to live where we do yet but, I’m sure he will in time. I’m just excited to be home. Especially, during an El Nino year. It brings back so many memories. I think I have a story for each El Nino year for as long as I can remember. I’ll have to post about them sometime before the year is over =)

During our Holiday festivities, I took Baby Baby to some events that I enjoyed as a child and we also went to new ones that I hope to continue in the years to come. The OC Fairgrounds is hosting an event called, “Winterfest.” Which I was hoping to be similar to “Santa’s Village.” A theme park in Skyforest that I went to as a child, which no longer exists. While the event had similar features; rides, festive decorations, Santa. It is a temporary event so, it didn’t have that “Village” excitement. Let alone, it’s not in the middle of a forest….it’s in the middle of Costa Mesa, lol. We did have a lot of fun though and the event staff was really nice! It would be neat to watch the event grow into something bigger in the future. As it nears Christmas, the Parks have been getting more and more crowded but, it hasn’t kept Baby Baby and I from our morning visits. As a matter of fact, Mav booked our Christmas Breakfast at the Parks (yep, he would…lol) We’ll see how long we last afterwards =D After all, Baby Baby will still have his gifts to open!

Only took 3 hours to put together...nbd

Only took 3 hours to put together…nbd

I still can’t believe I’m up but, I was on a roll. I finished wrapping a few gifts and managed to put together the KidKraft Train Table for Baby Baby. I’m excited for Christmas Eve and of course, Christmas! I can’t wait to spend it with my little family. Okay, time for bed….

Hoodie Weather

Christmas has arrived at the Parks! Baby Baby loves it!

Christmas has arrived at the Parks! Decorations went up early November =)

It’s November and I’ve been lagging a bit. The end of October and beginning of November was a bit hectic but, it helped reorganized our month! I’m excited to get back on track and breathe easy for a little bit. Even with the little break, I was happy to find a full inbox! I love receiving emails from my Mommy readers and I hope to be able to share some of the new products I’ve been introduced to very soon =)

November is a big month for us…I’m starting to believe every month is a “big month” for us ;p As with everyone it’s the start of the holiday season. For us it’s also Baby Baby’s Birthday month! Woohoo. Baby Baby’s 24 month check-up is next week and the following week he turns 2!!! We have a big week planned for his birthday; a birthday party, to breakfast and a day at the Parks. The MIL will be in town for the week of activities as well as Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to a great holiday season, a fun run and blogging/vlogging more =)