The Right Breast Pump for You!

pump_03Deciding on a breast pump is tough. I felt overwhelmed while researching breast pumps when I was new mommy-to-be. I was geared toward prices and wasn’t sure if that was due to quality or production. Once I discovered that my insurance will cover a hospital grade breast pump, I was able to pick the right breast pump for me. With my first son I choose the Ameda “Purely Yours,” which was a double electric pump. The pump included an electric adapter with battery option (for on the go) base, tubing, bottles, and suction accessories. It didn’t come with a carrying bag but was given the option to upgrade. The size of the pump was good for any small over the shoulder bag pump_02so that was a plus. Even though I could have used my Ameda again, the time in-between my first and second son was long enough to change pumps especially  with constant technology growth. So I decided to try the Medela  “Pump in Style” double electric pump. I really enjoyed using this pump and felt it had more options for stronger suction. The pump included only an electric adapter on the base, tubing, suction cups, bottles, and a carrying bag. I did have the option with my insurance to pump_01upgrade to a backback for a little more but was happy to use the bag. When I was out of town while breastfeeding and had forgotten my pump, I made a quick purchase that made me the owner of a Medela “Harmony.” The pump was a single manuel breast pump and while it was a little work out, it did the job! I’d advise to keep one of these handy. Some hosptials do give you a manual hand pump when you deliver your baby. Ask your doctor if that is something yours will do.

I wish I never stressed the first time around but that was because I didn’t know my pump could be covered by health insurance. Once I knew I could pick out a hospital grade quality pump with no or little cost was such a relief! A company that I always go to and fully recommend is the “Breastfeeding Store.” They are a family owned business which specializes in working with Military Moms and Tricare Insurance. Even if you’re not a military family, you are welcome to fill out their form and they will work with your insurance company. Their process is so simple and they make sure that Moms are able to get the right breast pump so that breastfeeding is simplified and enjoyable.


10 Hobbies That Make Your KIDS SMARTER!

10 Hobbies that Make your Kids Smarter!

Happy Father’s Day 2016!

to all the great men out there who set their dreams, goals, and aspirations around their family.

Happy Father's Day! Love, Mommy, Baby Baby & Little <3

Happy Father’s Day! Love, Mommy, Baby Baby & Little Little<3


I’m very grateful that my heavenly father has graced me with the presence of a husband that resembles him to his children. Mav is the definition of selfless. He always puts his family needs before his own. He’s made sacrifices that allows our family to be together “always.” I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it much more, we’re very blessed to have him apart of our lives. He’s the best Father Baby Baby and Little Little could ask for. We love you Mav and Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our family to yours! We had an eventful Easter weekend consisting of church services, running, egg coloring, egg hunts and family dinners. Spring is such a special time of year for us and spending it with each other is a blessing. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

The Pumpkin Patch – Round Two

First Halloween compared to Goose's Second =)

Goose’s First Halloween compared to his Second =)

Let me begin with, what happened to my Baby Baby? I took a picture of Baby Baby on top of the “Do Not Sit Pumpkin” again this year (yep, we’re so bad ;p) To compare the differences between Baby Baby’s First Halloween to his Second. As you can see the picture says it all, I now can admit and see I have a toddler, big boy, lil’ man….Awe, as I wipe away tears.

a quick pose before he jumped of the the deck =/

a quick pose before Baby Baby jumped off the deck =/ such a wild boy!

To beat the heat, we got to the patch an hour before they opened and managed to leave right before it hit 90 degrees! The high for Sunday ended up at 102 degrees in Orange =X You got to love Southern California Fall weather ;P I can say this year’s Pumpkin Patch adventure at Irvine Park was a little more active then last years. Last year, Baby Baby was just learning how to walk and now our lil’ guy is running up a storm.  We played in the haunted house (mommy’s fav) and ran around the maze. Baby Baby picked out a pumpkin and also, climbed on everything and anything. At almost 23 months old he doesn’t leave out any chance to find something to climb up and jump off of! I learned to teach him the term, “brush it off.” So, with minor falls he jumps back up brushes his two hands together and gets on his way. (I’m totally not conditioning his habits for future hockey leagues…hahaha.) Unlike last year, we didn’t venture over to the zoo. Since we live in California now….we have all the time to visit Irvine Park, especially on a day that isn’t so hot! We did do brunch closer to home at an old favorite called, “Snooty Fox!” Mav and Baby Baby loved it, it wasn’t Mav’s “Cracker Barrel” but, I got him to admit it was better =)

keeping our Sunday selfie game strong

keeping our Sunday selfie game strong

It was such a perfect Sunday Funday with the family. Especially, since the night before Mav and I had our first date day/night in awhile…which, I plan to share in another post. We’ve been super busy this October and in the next few weeks it will only get busier. I love this time of year and I can’t get enough of all the activities Southern California has to offer!! We still have Mickey’s Halloween Party to attend. Which will be at the end of the month. Baby Baby and Mommy have another 5k coming up as well.  I’m very excited to participate in another race and our training has not only been fun but, a stress relief. That’s all for now, I’m going to finish enjoying the rest of my favorite day of the week, MONDAY!! I hope to post again soon =)


Dapper Day at the Parks!

Dapper Day Family Portrait =)

Dapper Day Family Portrait =)

Last weekend was Dapper Day at the Disneyland Parks. So, of course the family had to dress up and participate in the fun! It was a hot day but, a fun one.

Mommy and Baby Baby hanging out by Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Mommy and Baby Baby hanging out by Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

We started planning a month in advance. I ordered my dress online and was so excited that it fit perfectly when it arrived! I added a petticoat for shape. I did my hair in victory rolls, curls, along with a black rose. I looked as happy as I felt, everything just came together. Baby Baby wore a bow tie and a cute button up that we got during his fall collection shop! Of course, Mav the man of fashion had his suit picked out from the beginning and as a family we really looked, “dapper.”

A Silly Smirk Pre Mad Tea Party!

A Silly Smirk Pre Mad Tea Party!

Dapper Day occurs twice a year at the Parks, in the Spring and Fall. Since it isn’t an official Disney event, the parks don’t do much but, the event sponsor does host an Expo at the Disneyland hotel over the weekend. There’s everything from pins, photo booths, car shows, and extra perks to making the event special. It’s really an amazing sight to see. Especially, walking down Main Street, USA. It feels like a time warp! Everyone is so friendly and as you pass other guests who are dressed up, you greet each other with a smile or “Happy Dapper Day!”

Baby Baby and DaDa walking to Snow White's Grotto

Baby Baby and DaDa walking to Snow White’s Grotto

Overall, it was a great Dapper Day and we can’t wait for the next in the Spring! Our next project is Mickey’s Halloween Party, which is a Disney Event. We decided to do  a Peter Pan theme this year, we already have our costumes…just finding the finishing touches to making them special! I can’t wait for Halloween festivities! After all, it’s my favorite time of the year =)

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe day!

Baby baby and I have had an eventful day so far and after a short nap…it will continue with fireworks! I’ll update later tonight, for now here’s a picture from earlier today =)

Baby Baby and Mommy

Baby Baby and Mommy

Our day started early. We had a few options for the Fourth…of course, my first thought always is” let’s go to to parks.” lol. Then, I wanted to relax and either stay close to home or spend time with family. So, that left going to a parade that is in Lake Forest or venturing out to my sister’s place in Huntington Beach. We opted for Huntington Beach. Main street has one of the best Fourth of July parades. I grew up going just about every year! I wanted to be super mom and decorate a wagon or our bikes with streamers but, after a long week….I just didn’t have the time =( After the parade we had a nice lunch, watermelon and all! Baby baby played with the pups and eventually we took a nap. By the time our nap was over, Mav was home and we were able to watch the fireworks at a nearby park. Overall, a great fourth and an awesome weekend. A new vlog is currently in the works…..the plan is to upload it this week!! In the meanwhile, my old school blog posts will have to do ;p

Watermelon, fireworks, and a very patriotic Dada!

Watermelon, fireworks, and a very patriotic Dada!


First Haircut!

Before, during, and after!! Such a handsome boy!!

Before, during, and after!! Such a handsome boy!!

Today was bittersweet. As much as I loved my lil dude’s devilock, it was time for his first haircut! I found a really fun place called, “First Cut.” There’s a couple of locations but, we went to the one in Corona Del Mar. The salon has little rocket ships in place of salon chairs and is really kid friendly. I loved it! During our visit, there were a father and son getting cuts together….which, may be the new tradition in the future for Daddy and Baby Baby! Our stylist, Kathy was great and I still can’t get over how just a few inches made my lil’ dude look like such a lil’ man. For most of his cut he was happy and very curious. However, when he got a little fussy…Kathy had toys close by to keep him occupied! It was a fun way to spend our Saturday!

My little adventurer at Lookout Point!

My Little adventurer at Lookout Point!

Since we were already near the beach, we took a walk and enjoyed the sunshine!! For anyone wanting a special first haircut for their little one and is in the Southern California area, I’d definitely recommend “First Cut.” As I mentioned, they also do adult cuts too…unfortunately, there’s no adult size rocket ship salon chairs ;p hahaha

Ducks Fly Together

Game 1 on a Thursday….we won't be painting it orange ;p

Game 1 on a Thursday….we won’t be painting it orange ;p


We are currently enroute to the Honda Center…Round 2 Game 1, here we go!! We figured we’d sport throwback attire…since after all, it is Thursday ;p hahaha. Baby Baby’s first game is today and we’re really excited! Our Ducks did great in Round 1! Mav’s Caps also finished strong in Game 7, advancing them into Round 2. Tonight is about our Duckies and I’m excited to embark on this new adventure with Baby Baby. I’ll share more pictures later! Let’s Go Ducks!

Sassy Grow Up Cup



We love, love, love the Sassy Grow Up Cup! The transition between a Sippy cup to this 360 cup design was so smooth.  The cup comes in various sizes. We first started with the smallest (7 oz.) , which also includes a removable handle. However, The Grow Up Cup also comes in 9 oz. and 12 oz. The 360 design allows Baby Baby to sip from the cup like a big boy but at the same time no spill! I thought it would be tricky at first but, it only took one look at Mommy sipping and he knew exactly what to do! We’ve tried other brands (Nuby, Tommee Tippee) but, this is by far the best. The only con I’d say is cleanliness. You really have to pick and choose which juices or even if it’s water you pour in the cup. Nothing new though, just have to rinse shortly after every use. Baby Baby and Mommy approved, we both think every toddler or soon to be toddler can benefit from this cool 360 cup design =)

Grow Up Cup with one hand! Such a big boy!

water break at the park!

Grow Up Cup with one hand! Such a big boy!

Grow Up Cup with one hand! Such a big boy!



  • Allows Baby to learn how to use a cup
  • No spills
  • Easy options for grip
  • Different sizes for growth
  • Multiple color options



  • Continuous cleaning ( whatever that really means, lol….there’s always something to clean with a toddler ;p )