Why Should I Own a Breast Pump?


If you decide that you will be breastfeeding your newborn, even if it’s exclusively breastfeeding. I believe you should still get a breast pump. You will learn that being able to breastfeed is an amazing feeling but over time, being able to pump your milk will not only increase your supply but give you a break at times too. When you have a breast pump you also allow for your partner and family to feed your brand new bundle of joy! You also have to think of when you want a date night, and baby will be at home with a babysitter. The luxury of a breast pump is truly amazing. You may not want to think of getting sick while your baby is nursing but it could happen and breastfeeding is limited with some medications. Once again, this is where owning a breast pump is golden. You can start pumping a back up supply and storing it safely in your freezer, this way you have milk ready for your baby. While you are sick, you can continue to pump so your supply doesn’t decrease and dump it. There’s so many reasons to invest in a breast pump!!


The Breastfeeding Shop is a family owned business that will help you get a breast pump and most importantly, they may be able to get you a top of the line pump for free through your health insurance!!! All you have to do is fill out this form and hit submit! They will review your information along with your health insurance. For Military families, The Breastfeeding Shop works with Tri-Care to insure you get a pump! Owning a breast pump has wonderful benefits as I mentioned before, it doesn’t hurt to apply for one just so have it ready for when baby arrives!

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