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Only 10 hours old! So comfy and cozy <3

Early last week I became a mom of two! I can’t begin to explain how blessed I feel. My labor & delivery was fast and easy! From the time I arrived at the hospital until I was in advanced labor was all about 5 hours. As soon as Little Little was handed to me I fell in love, he is perfect…all 6 lbs of him! The transition into taking care of two little ones has been smooth. Of course, I’ve had Mav home with me this past week and he helps out with the small stuff. I believe the biggest help was being prepared. Prepared in the sense of having the right tools; rock ‘n play, dockatot, brestfriend, etc. all within easy access. It’s crazy how everything becomes second nature the second time around. I really can say I’m enjoying taking care of a newborn without worry. I didn’t get much of that with Baby Baby. While naturally I became a mother, anxiety and worry haunted me for months until I was able to relinquish the unknown to God. I’m so happy my prayers have been answered.

Coming home! Baby Baby watching his Little Brother!

Coming home! Baby Baby watching his Little Brother!

As for Baby Baby, he has taken an interest in his new Baby Brother. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially after his visit at the hospital. He wanted nothing to do with me let alone his new Baby Brother but once at home, he was back to himself and attempts to help out when he can. It’s really a precious sight and I’m looking forward to watching the two grow up together.

Balancing my time between the boys has been a small challenge. Baby Baby is learning patience; he’s not use to Mommy not jumping up anytime he asks for something. While Little Little is busy being a newborn; he eats, sleeps, poops, and lays on Mommy. Once we find a routine that works, especially when it’s just the three of us. I’m sure balance will establish itself with time. I can give myself a little credit for only being 6 days in, lol. Overall, my heart is full and that’s all that matters.

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