From Blogs to Vlogs!

Helping Mommy with the camera & Dada's presents!

Helping Mommy with the camera & Dada’s presents!

I’m beyond excited to venture into the vlog world =) With some final purchases this morning, I have been able to finish filming my first vlog! I think the transition, especially for reviews makes sense. It’s funny to watch yourself on camera. It’s weird when you can visualize exactly what you want but the moment you hit “record” it just seems to naturally fall into place. Baby Baby has been a huge help and even brings the camera bag to me! I have started to review two items but, have three altogether … If you somewhat count the bike. Not like it’s an important piece to Mav’s Father’s Day present at all! Hahaha


filming in process…of course, Baby Baby had to join!

We have a big day planned for tomorrow. So, im hoping to edit tomorrow night. It’s Sunday…so, of course you’ll find us at the Parks. I’m planning on seeing the two ride together before heading to Anaheim … After all, I’m not assembling everything for excercise ;p

I Hope everyone is having a great weekend and check back for updates!

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