Disneyland Diamond Celebration


we made it!!!

A little late but, better then never. With the MIL in town, Mav and I were able to make plans Friday night. Wooo, date night =) We decided to do a late night trip to the Parks for the 24 hour Diamond Celebration. A little adventurous but, we were up for the challenge. We both took naps Friday evening and left for the Parks around midnight. Baby Baby stayed with Grandma, we didn’t want to brave the crowds during the day and didn’t feel like it was appropriate to take him late at night. The 24 hour event kicked off Disneyland’s 60th Year Anniversary, which also included new shows and a parade. We got into the Parks around 1 AM and only DCA was open. Disneyland hit capacity earlier the previous day and had to stop letting people in. I really couldn’t believe I was up so late, It’s been awhile since I willingly was up during the wee hours of the night.


5 min wait for Dumbo….what??!!


The castle glowing bright in late night hours =)

At 3 AM they reopened Disneyland, which strangely enough didn’t have a whole lot of people in it. After a few rides, a little pin trading, and of course, dancing…. we ended our night watching the sun come up over sleeping beauty’s castle and waved goodnight/good morning to all the characters on our way out.


6 AM at the Parks!

Overall, It was a fun experience. Would I do it again? Most likely not. Even with Grandma to watch Baby Baby and the morning sleep in, I don’t advise any parent to willingly stay up until the sun rises. Hahaha. Unless, you’re being swept of your feet or feeding a newborn…watching the sun come up as a full grown adult is strange. It gave me more of a appreciation for the mom life I live and realizing how precious sleep is ;p All and all, it was a perfect date night. Of course, you can never go wrong with Disney, your love, and awesome friends =)

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