Car Shopping

The time has come to start shopping to replace “single” car car. I’ve waited awhile but I feel we’re at a point where Mav and I each need our own family vehicle. I have a few different vehicles I’ve been looking at. My first priority is safety, and then comes what is comfortable. SUVs have been my go-to. However, some vehicles don’t even categorize themselves as SUVs but still give the same options. My current vehicle selection has many key points I enjoy and I think we may just go with another Subaru…. I love our current model and it has everything we need. Adding another to our family would be great and I could really see us having it until Baby Baby gets his license. Some other Makes on my list are Volvo and Jeep. All are within the same price point for the options I want; the XC60 is one of my favorite SUVs right now. I love the features, the way it drives, and it did make KBB’s top 25-safety list. It wasn’t until I got behind of the wheel of the 60 that I appreciated its value. As a previous Jeep owner, I’m always curious to see what features and changes as well as different models Jeep transitions into. The last few years they’ve had some trial and errors that drive me crazy. A go-to is a wrangler; I’m a huge fan of the Sahara. I know what most of you are thinking…. didn’t she say, “Safety is the top priority??!!!” I did, I don’t plan on going to far off the map of a stock Sahara, and the options available are enough to make a family vehicle.

With my three choices, Mav had to introduce another idea today and that is the Q5. I’m not a huge Audi fan but I do like it’s ratings and would have to go test-drive it to see if it’s something I’d enjoy. It’s in the ballpark range so, there’s a forth option. One of the biggest things I love about my SUV choices is I want one that a mark can tell a story and not something to freak out over. I loved when I had a Jeep because a scratch here and there wasn’t the end of the world. There are some cars that are flawless and they’re meant to stay that way. Being realistic, I have a soon to be 19 month old and I need something that can handle our silly adventures ;p

All and all, car shopping is fun yet it becomes annoying quickly. So, I’m starting my research early and hopefully within the next few months I can decide on what would be the best option for our family. I love the emails and support, if anyone has any suggestions. Please email me via my contact page. Also, I do review comments as well. I’ll approve if relevant and appropriate.

I started filming my Father’s Day gift review and I’m really excited on how it’s turning out. Of course, I have to wait until Father’s Day to get the reaction and review of how the child seat, helmet, and bike works. I think vlogs will be a fun way to share more of our adventures and introduce new products to my readers =)

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