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TinkerBell Half Marathon Weekend is in just a few short days. This half holds a special place in my heart as it is my first! In honor of my first half, I am giving away a Momentum Jewelry Wrap to two lucky winners! In order to win, please click on the link below and make sure you follow my Instagram!


Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks Review


I was excited when Baby Mum-Mum reached out to Pray Run Live Love because their baby rice rusks were next on my list while shopping for the boys. We are always looking for different snacks, especially ones that offer a healthier alternative. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile you know that when I first introduced solids into Baby Baby’s diet, I made all his food. I really enjoyed knowing everything that went into his body. Of course over time and “grandma” visits, his diet isn’t always restricted to what I can make. So doing research and purchasing items that reflect a good diet is what I strive to do.BabyMumMum2

Now that I’ve begun the same process of making food for Little Little, I’m starting to introduce more healthier pre made snacks into his diet as well. We love Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks! Not only does Baby Baby eat them with peanut butter, Little little enjoys them too on their own. This past month I started adding snacks to his diet that he can feed himself with.  I was sent four flavors: original, original “fruit juice sweetened, no salt added,” banana, and carrot. Little Little liked all of them but favored “carrot” the most. The packaging is great and allows us to throw a few 2-pack mum-mums in the diaper bag for out ‘n’ about snacks. I could have seen Baby Baby really loving these snacks when we first introduced him to solids. They are lightly flavored and practically weightless. Since they quickly disolve while in your mouth, I’m not worried about the boys choking or eating too much. They are perfect for teething and introducing solid foods. I recommend Baby Mum-Mum to any child 3 and under.



  • lightweight
  • no mess
  • several flavors
  • naturally sweetened
  • made free of all 10 common allegies
  • individually wrapped 2-packs



  • quick to snap apart


LA Marathon 2017


The LA marathon has to be one of my new favorite races. The course is amazing and the energy was vibrant. When I first signed up for LA, my goal was to run it vengeance. While it was fun and exciting, my last marathon kicked my butt. The weather sucked, I took advantage of many photo ops, and I was learning how to fuel properly. There was a lot of trial and error. This made me really want to PR in LA. Days after the WDW marathon, I signed up for LA, revised my training schedule, and experimented with different foods. I dressed light for the run and for the first time in awhile decided to take my phone to document the race. The plan for hydration was to drink only water and nuun hydration tabs the week before the race. During the race I would stop at each water station and at least drink about 4 ounces. My meal plan for marathon week included prepping with a mix of protein and carbs. I wouldn’t be eating this marathon, instead I would use 4 gels with higher amino acid intake, sodium, and 35 mg caffeine in which I would spread out each hour with goal finish time of 04:30:00.

Yep, so many selfie opportunities on the course ;p

Yep, so many selfie opportunities on the course ;p

So on March 19th at 6:55 AM I was ready. While the LA marathon has 20,000 runners, I found a spot in between the 9-10 minute mile marker which made me feel as if it only had 100. Starting out of Dodger Stadium I found a steady pace that allowed me to make it to the 5k marker at around a 9:10 minute mile. I was feeling good and my legs were ready for the long haul. This race has so many sights to see that you really can live in the mile. I was able to focus on where I was at and how I felt about it. Doing this is therapeutic for me, especially since I rarely run with headphones during races.

Before I knew it, I was approaching Hollywood Blvd and there was lots to see and take in. I ran into a few friends during these miles and I also felt good enough to FaceTime the husband and boys during mile 9-10. The halfway marker was West Hollywood and the energy was high. During my last marathon this is when I took some time to eat and relax, this time around I started on my 3rd gel and stayed on my hydration plan. I did stop for a quick pic as it was a accomplishment to be making the course at my goal time. I found myself pacing the 4:15 team for a little bit, I enjoyed listening to the pace leaders plan and how they were adjusting their miles. It wasn’t what I had planned for the race, as I wasn’t even thinking of the miles ahead of me. So, this lasted a little past mile 18, which found me in Century City. I’m still in disbelief how this course is structured, so many awesome sights to see, and a lot of downhill opportunities. I really didn’t have time to pay attention to anything else. For the second half, I did tone down my pace the last 8 miles. I kept telling myself to stay comfortable. “Find a comfortable pace, is this comfortable?” When I reaffirmed my pace, I knew I could make my goal time. At mile 20, I FaceTime the husband again. He was already making his way with the boys to Santa Monica so it gave me a little boost of energy.

Showing my youngest my medal!

Showing my youngest my medal!

The last 10k of the race is really where you have to stay strong and stick to your motto. This is always where I’m usually running with the same group of people and we tend to keep each other motivated until the finish line.  Running the neighborhoods of Brentwood was neat, so many homeowners were outside and cheering on everyone. I found the breeze of the ocean start to blow on my face and through my hair. My motto was “you are amazing and you’ve got this!” I kept repeating this to myself and if you know me, I said it a few times out loud ;p As I came up on Ocean Blvd, You can’t help but speed up when seeing the crowd. Since I was documenting my run on social media, I clicked on a few unread messages. I glanced over a few of encouraging messages and found myself pushing harder. Santa Monica Blvd arrived and mile 26 came with it, the finish line was in sight!! Crossing the finish line I noticed the gun time of 4:31 and thought, I did it!! I got around my goal time, soon realizing my chip time was 04:26:27. Shortly after crossing and receiving my medal, a young women came up to in tears. She said, “Thank you for finishing!” I was sort of confused then she explained she had been pacing behind me most of the race but the last 5k she kept her focus on me and it helped to finish her first marathon! I teared up and just said, “Congratulations!! It’s only uphill from here.” I gave her the biggest hug. That moment is truly why I love the running community; helping others reach their goals and when they do, we celebrate! It’s really what running is all about. Even though, I compete with myself, my goal is to always grow stronger, wiser, and better. The running community helps me by

Baby Baby enjoying all the post-race snacks!

Baby Baby enjoying all the post-race snacks!

keeping me accountable and giving me the push I need!

The LA Marathon let me set a new PR, by an hour nonetheless! It’s funny to think 26.2 miles use to scare me, now it’s one of my favorites distances. My current race schedule has a lot of half marathons approaching in April. I’m looking at changing my current OC Marathon entry into the full. After running my first full I thought it may be my last but as I feel more comfortable in the miles, my next goal is to be a Boston Qualifier. This means I would have to set my PR by 50 minutes less than what it is now. I know with determination and the current training schedule this is possible. I had a few goals set for this year and as I continue to crush them, I find myself not only marking them off but also replacing them. For 2017, I would like to run each distance up to 26.2 the fastest I can.  Once I can get a solid grasp of what I’m capable of, I can start to set new goals for 2018…..possibly Boston?? =) We’ll just have to see!




Inaugural Pasadena Half


The Bling

The Bling

The Inaugural Pasadena Half Marathon was a last minute decision that allowed me to PR but also run while splashing in puddles. January was a wild month for races and me. I never caught a break in weather. However, this race was one I could sort of prepare for as the weather was going to be rain or rain. I wanted a challenging course and another race before I had to focus on some personal issues in February. So I looked at races right after running the Star Wars 10k and saw the Inaugural Pasadena Half Marathon was just a week away. Conqur Endurance Group was organizing the race, they also do the LA Marathon. I thought this was perfect. I would get my miles in as well as get a little taste of what I have to experience come March. I registered and prayed for a misty rainy Sunday runday ;p

The morning of the race, I left at about 4:45 am to get to Pasadena around 6. The start line was just outside the infamous Rose Bowl Stadium and finished on the field. The storm already started to roll in; it wasn’t too bad though just a light mist. After talking to friends and doing research, I realized there was nothing I could wear and do that was going to make me stay dry. I already knew going in I was going to have to “Embrace” the rain. However, that didn’t stop me from buying a 99-cent store poncho to toss after mile;p Soon enough 7 came and went, the race ended up starting around 7:30 to allow more time for those who still hadn’t made it in to park. The start line was very narrow, but once you found your pace a quarter mile out the parking lot, the road became a little wider and lead you into the cutest little neighbor. This neighborhood was also on hill after holy hill! I looked at the course, even studied it the week prior to the half and when they say “challenging but rewarding,” they definitely mean it. The plus to all the hill madness was the residents that made their way out to cheer us on, robe and coffee in hand. If anything, that kept a smile on my face and determination in my gut.

I originally had hoped to have a larger PR with this race as I started pacing with LA Road Runners. I did really well for the first 5 miles and then once again I started to experience the same pain that magically arrive while I was running WDW. This time I was prepared and had brought my Zamst knee band. I pulled aside from the pace group and stretched. I put on the brace and started to find my own pace. I knew I wasn’t going to finish under 2 hours at this point and in a sense I could enjoy the run a little more. By mile 7, I was completely soaked but the weather was amazing. It wasn’t too hot and the rain was misty. I found myself running through Downtown Pasadena, the course took you by the Norton Simon Museum, California Institute of Technology, and the Convention Center. One of the most breathtaking views was running over the Colorado Street Bridge. If I could have gotten one picture, that’s definitely one I would have wanted!

I realized the prop was a "finish line" after .... lol, at least it was still a cool picture ;p

I realized the prop was a “finish line” after …. lol, at least it was still a cool picture ;p

The last 3 miles of the half marathon rounded the Brookside Golf & County Club, then into the Rose Bowl Stadium. This little area is where I found my cheer group. As I mentioned before, I’m a motivational self-talker while I run…. especially when I’m close to finishing. Luckily the amazing running community encourages this self-talk and I’m able to get others to join in. Of course, Pasadena couldn’t let me go without one last hill (it was a small one.) Then you run up away from the county club and begin rounding the Rose Bowl. I got a last minute push and was able to run on to the field with a strong finish! I finished with a new PR by 47 seconds…. wet, sore, and happy!

While growing up, I had only been to Pasadena a handful of times. So running this race allowed me to explore Pasadena in a non-touristy type of way. As a runner, the best way to see a new area is to lace up your shoes and go for a run. I’m not sure if I’ll be back for this race. However, it was the first so I am considered a legacy runner so that’s kind of an incentive. While it was “challenging yet very rewarding,” it gave me a new appreciation for hills. Running for a short time with a pace team, taught me new tricks on how to slow my pace on hills and how to pick back up on the downhill. Overall, the Pasadena was a learning experience; it made me a stronger runner physically and mentally.

ranking and splits

ranking and splits

WDW Marathon 2017



The 2017 WDW Marathon made me a Marathoner. It was the race I signed up for while I was 5 months pregnant and wanted that challenge after my second son was born. I look back now and shouldn’t have let the hormones run the show, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have made the jump so soon. With only 16 weeks post baby and 10 weeks to train, I knew I had a lot on my plate.

Leading up until marathon week, I begun to prepare myself for 26.2 miles. I gathered as much information as possible; tips and wise words. My training was intense for a short amount of time. Also, between natural body changes and life, there were plenty of days I had to force myself just to get back out. I knew giving myself the short amount of time between having a baby and the

Under the castle hangs!! Feeling good at mile 5!

Under the castle hangs!! Feeling good at mile 5!

marathon may have been a stretch but I was going to stick to it. I meal prepped and stuck to a strict diet just the week of to ensure I had the proper nutrition and energy to keep me strong all the miles. I started to monitor which energy gels and hydration drinks worked best and for what amount time. One thing I would just have to accept is my milk production, since I was breastfeeding and that my boobs were going to throw me off during the end of my run. I didn’t even want to get the idea that I could stop and pump during the marathon. I’ll tell you now, I did pump after the run and filled 4 bottles for a total of 18 ounces! lol. Preparing myself for the marathon helped a lot. With proper nutrition I didn’t have any cramping or stomach pains during my run. Also, training prepared me to pace myself, slower then I was use to but at a pace that kept me comfortable. As long as I was under 12 minutes a mile, I was happy. My overall goal for the marathon was to “FINISH,” by finish I meant completing all 26.2 miles! (Disney will sweep runners if they fall behind and won’t be able to finish at 16min/mile pace.)


I had to stop for Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz!

The morning of the marathon it was 30 degrees, along with wind chill which brought temperatures down to 18 degrees. Nonetheless it was freezing!! The only change I could make in my attire was adding a top layer, with the hopes that my legs would warm up. Just three days prior to the marathon the temps were looking to be a solid typical florida 77 degrees. I couldn’t have prepared myself if I wanted to, unless I put a treadmill in a freezer while training. It’s really what it felt like.


Literally running through the pain! This was taken while at Hollywood Studios!

Once the gun went off for my corral it was game time. I tossed my throwaways and started down the road. I was freezing but my mind wasn’t focused on being cold, it was focused on watching my pace. I really didn’t want to leap out and tire out too quickly. The first 10 miles flew by, I had ran out of Epcot and through the Magic Kingdom. The one thing about the WDW Marathon is WDW is huge and you cover a lot of highways and parking lots. Once you get in the Parks it feels good to be able focus your eyes on something. This allowed me to use my highway miles as a way to pick up pace and the Parks as a place to slow down a little bit. By the halfway point, I was feeling good. It was smack in the middle of Animal Kingdom and I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I was still cold but it didn’t really bother me. I watched as some runners stopped at a bar and had a drink at the halfway mark, good for them I thought. There’s no way I could ever do that, lol. Heading out of Animal Kingdom and my way to the ESPN Park there was a lot of nothing, my mind started to race and I kept checking my watch. I was calculating numbers when I didn’t have to and was reminding myself, my goal for this race was not to come in first or last but, just to finish!! The idea of “just” finishing was hard to accept but with so many unexpected changes the weekend brought, it was all I could grasp. Although an ideal time for me to finish was 05:00:00 hours.


My oldest son was signed up to participate in the Saturday Kid’s Races, which were cancelled due to weather. However, we had fun later in the week and did our own 100m dash!

Miles came easier and my legs only felt stronger through the ESPN Park. Up until mile 20 I was soaring. In between mile 20 and 21 my left knee started to hurt. Through training I never experienced anything like this with my knees especially my left. So I was really caught off guard. As the pain escalated, I only begun to grow more frustrated. I wrestled with the idea I was undertrained, didn’t stretch enough, or maybe should have taken a pain killer, even though I’m too chicken to even take an Advil. The runner in me couldn’t imagine walking the remaining 4 miles, that would be the longest 4 miles ever!!! So I had to think fast, while I DO NOT recommend training your mind to think this way in case you may have a serious injury. I DO recommend learning how to use mottos and positive self talk in order to push your runs. I started to tell myself the “pain” was me growing stronger. I stopped at a medical tent at mile 22 and took a moment to stretch, and started to push myself up the road. I was just starting uphill on an offramp that would take me over and into Hollywood Studios. Uphill was grueling and as I came down the ramp, I straighten my left leg to keep it from bending, I built momentium and powered into Hollywood Studios. The Parks had just opened at this point and crowds started to form around the blocked off areas for runners. This was an adrenaline boost for me, it let me really meditate on my surroundings and off of my pain. I left out the park and started around the Swan Resort, another fun sight to keep me focused.  I had two miles to go at this point and I wasn’t planning on slowing down, a quick mile later I was already at Downtown Disney. That last mile the crowds grew bigger and louder, with that much excitement all you want to do is finish strong! Before I knew it I was rounding the corner to a finish line! At that moment nothing hurt, I was overwhelmed with emotion, and was tearing up. As I crossed the finish line, as cliche as it sounds…a part of me changed. I know many runners say this but it does. You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders you never knew was there. I had started a mission months before the race, I had weak moments, I had strong moments, I stayed focused, and it was finally finished.

Post Race Photo!

Post Race Photo! “I DID IT!!”

Shortly after the finish line, I was reunited with Mav. My Mother-in-Law had flown down from DC for the weekend and watched the boys. It was still too cold for them to join me at the Friends and Family Area. It wasn’t too long before the warmth of the race wore off and we ventured back to our Hotel. My official finish time was 05:34:33.  A half hour later then I had anticipated but I had a time that represented, “I finished.” I was cloud 9 for about a day after obtaining the Marathoner title before I knew I wanted to do another one, lol. It’s funny how that happens. I registered for the LA Marathon in March and I’m now training to not just, “finish” but to run at solid pace that is similar to what I have ran my half-marathons. I’m happy I made WDW my first marathon, I learned a lot from the course. I had fun, stopped at photo ops, and took advantage of every water station. The runners were great as well and enjoyed meeting so many different people. I hope to eventually return to the WDW Marathon in the future but for now I’m glad I was at least able to check it off my bucket list.

My WDW Marathon Splits - overall: 05:34:33 for 12:46mi/pace (I managed to stay within my goal pace for a majority of race, slowing down at mile 22) 

My WDW Marathon Splits – overall: 05:34:33 for 12:46mi/pace (I managed to stay within my goal pace for a majority of race, slowing down at mile 22)


Website Changes and Posts!

Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you have to do your best to catch them. There’s one thing I’m sure of though, the obstacles I’ve been facing is a part of a bigger picture and a plan I’m yet to understand. My faith has kept me strong the last few months. If you’ve followed my social media outlets, maybe popped in on a few of my ig stories, or liked a post on Facebook. You may have caught some clues to parts of my life I’m not ready to talk about but they are life so I don’t mind sharing. Throughout the months I have been writing, which is apart of me that lets me express my hurts, victories, and stuff I really don’t understand. Keeping a gratitude journal is something I’ve done since I was 15 and it really does help me appreciate what I do have.

On another note, I have posts coming up over the next few weeks. A lot of recaps on running, including one huge run that made me a “MARATHONER!!” Some reviews, and a little bit about some things I’m yet to understand but God has blessed me with the strength to experience the moment. Also, I am in process of transitioning to The idea to change up the concept of the site was one I debated but only makes sense as I’m growing and would like those changes to reflect the things I do on my blog. So you’ll see changes happening here and there; new pages, new “about me,” new layout, etc.

Thank you and stay tuned!


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Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas – Strip at Night 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas: Strip at Night

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas: Strip at Night

Over this past weekend I ran what is known as “The Super Bowl” of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series: RNR Las Vegas aka Strip at Night.

Strip at Night is now one of my favorite runs. It’s crazy, fun, and flat! lol. When I first signed up for the run all I wanted was to PR. I knew I was going to be 12 weeks out from having Little Little and with that, I would have limited time to train. I figured the time I was up against was from the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon, which I ran 6 months pregnant. Without carrying the extra weight, I knew I had this.


packet pick up! woohoo

Vegas is Vegas, I never thought I would find myself running along the Strip. Even when I lived in Vegas I opted for treadmills versus the Strip. However, there was something about this race that made me all about it. The fact that it was at night and they actually close down the Strip is amazing! Also, Vegas holds a lot of memories for me, good and bad. I had this mindset that running miles through some wild moments in my life would be refreshing.

There’s 4 distances you can choose from for RNR Las Vegas: 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon. You also have the option of doing the “Remix Challenge” which include the 5k on Saturday and the half or full marathon Sunday. I was signed up for the half-marathon. Since I was planning to PR, I didn’t do the challenge. I’m sure in the future I’ll be up for challenges but, I really want to do my best at races. My races hold me accountable and they aren’t cheap, hahaha. I’ll sign up for challenges when I know I’m strong enough to take them on and achieve my best time in each distance. I only had 6 weeks to train but training was going well. I was feeling stronger each run and really gaining spend. Two weeks prior to RNR I ran my fastest 10k and was working on a sub  2 hour half-marathon. Anyways, that was at least my goal.

I arrived in Vegas on Friday. My Sister, Little Little, and I drove up in the morning and got into town just in time to pick up Mav from the airport. Mav had work obligations that didn’t allow him to drive with us. Everything all worked out though. We checked into our hotel and I even packed my foam roller to stretch those IT bands! On Saturday we ventured over to the Health & Fitness Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center to pick up my race packet. I’m a sucker for these things, as most runners. There was more opportunities to buy “everything,” which you really want to do. You get to meet up with other runners and take promo pics with sponsors. All and all, it’s super fun and addicting. That night I really wanted to avoid overworking myself, at the same time it was hard to adjust my head to I wasn’t running a race in the morning but later Sunday evening. In Vegas, I always at least walk over 20k steps so I kept that down and also watched how long I wore my heels out for dinner. Before I knew it, it was race day and I really tried hard to balance breakfast/lunch since I was running at 4:30 PM. This year they decided to have waves of runners along with the normal corrals. There was 3 waves: 4:30-5:00-5:30, depending on the color bib & number you had determined your start. I was in the first wave, this was based off my estimated finished time. I ended up eating a small meal around noon of chicken & pasta. Which was perfect because that 4 hour timeframe was just enough to digest my food and keep me energized.


compliments of Richard aka @BlingWhore

I headed over to the race a little early to join a #werunsocial meet-up. I’m so glad I did, I ended up meeting a great group of runners that run a lot of the races I do or will do. I always find myself running solo and while I don’t mind it because I feel it’s when I find myself. It’s also nice to recognize an amazing running community and hang out with others who share the same love I do for the sport. We all hung out right up until it was time to head over to the corrals, a lot of the runners were in the same wave as me so we went out together. When I first started out, I started out with the crew up until the “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.” The crew had ran the Avenger’s half that morning so RNR was a fun run for them. This was a going to be a PR race for me so I split off and started my way down the strip. The first 3 miles flew by in breeze, I was really surprised how I was maintaining a good pace. If I still wanted my sub -2 I was going to have work for it in negative splits. My mindset at mile 5 was strong and I really thought I could still do it until mile 8 where the course turns off the Strip and into some weird areas. These areas are well lit by the race organization and they also have more bands playing then they do along the strip but for some reason I fought with myself on the pace I wanted to keep. I slowed down a little and told myself I would pick back up once I hit Fremont Street, which leads back down the Strip. I was able to pick up my pace a little bit. Once again, I found my high and kept a strong 8-9 minute pace until Stratosphere, which was 2.1 miles from the finish. This is where I really wanted to quit, I looked at my time and knew I wasn’t going to hit my training goal of a sub -2. I still was going to PR but it wasn’t the time I had planned. This really took a toll on my focus and I slowed down even more. I couldn’t believe I was telling myself to just give up, not literally but I wasn’t being positive. Finally, I got the motivation to finish, thank goodness! I paced back up to 9:20 and quickly started approaching the Mirage, where the finish line was. I finally reached the finish line and set a new PR at 2:07:04!

the bling 😍

Shortly after finishing I met up with Mav, Little Little, and my sister. Little Little wanted to nurse right away, which worked for


nbd, just feeding my small child on Las Vegas Blvd 😂

me because I needed the relief, lol. As I sat on the curb of the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd with a boob out surrounded by lights. I took a deep breathe and teared up a bit, so many emotions filled my mind. The Strip had seen the worst and best of me. I never thought in years I’d be sitting there after completing a half-marathon feeding my 3 month old son, it was surreal. Life is strange but it’s moments like these I live for.

So would I run Strip at Night again? YES, YES, YES!! My sister already made me promise we are all running together next year, including Mav and her BF. Hopefully in a year I’ll be good for the “Remix Challenge.” I guess if I made the 5k a fun run, it would make sense. I guess we’ll have to see. I’m about 7 weeks out now from my first Marathon in Orlando. I’m excited and so nervous. I really want me to think of 26.2 miles the way I do of 13.1. I know I’ll get there, hopefully sooner than later. Right now, my training puts me at a few miles each day and really no rest days. I need to continue to build strength and gain speed. All I can say is thank goodness I made my first marathon a Disney run, lol. At least I have the excuse to stop and take pics through the 4 parks without feeling guilty for losing some time. Right now, I’ll continue to celebrate my new PR for my half-marathon and keep that my focus through training.RNR_05

Surf City 10 – 2016


New PR by 4 minutes! I’ll take it =)

The Surf City 10 was my first race since giving birth to Little Little. I was 8 weeks postpartum and cleared two weeks prior to the race to run, so I wasn’t sure how I would place. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to run, but as I approached month 8 and 9 I became discouraged with my time and pelvic pain. I wasn’t going into the race unprepared but not with as many miles as I would have planned. I opted to run the 10k as I knew I was strong enough to make the 6 miles down PCH. I really wanted this run to measure my strength and to challenge me mentally as I’m currently training for my first marathon in January.

Baby Baby had to join in on the fun!

Baby Baby had to join in on the fun!

My previous 10k time to beat was 57:37, which I ran back in March at 15 weeks pregnant. I knew this was definitely something I could do, especially with a mostly flat course and the sound of waves crashing in the background. The morning of the run I was excited and ready to go. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep but I had a lot of energy. I received an adrenaline rush shortly after walking over to the start line. The first 3 miles of the race were smooth, I was well hydrated and had a positive mindset. Mile 3-4 was the turn around which had a slight incline. It didn’t keep me from maintaining a 9 minute pace. Shortly into mile 4 I picked up momentum which gave me a push into a 8 minute pace. As I entered the last mile I kept my focus on all the positive things in my life over the past year and how good it felt to run free again. I finished the 10k at 53:26 which averaged to a 8:36 mile pace.

Surf City 10 is an awesome race and the views are breathtaking. The race is designed for runners of all distances which allows them to train for the Surf City Marathon in February. This year’s Surf City 10 will be special for me as it marks my new 10k PR. The race was great for me to test where I’m at in my running. As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy registering for races to hold me accountable. I only hope to gain speed and strength over the years. My next race is less than two weeks away in Las Vegas. My time to beat is 02:13:06! It’s my second half-marathon and this time I won’t be 6 months pregnant, lol. Training has been going well and I’m looking forward to a new PR!

Post race family hangs <3

Post race family hangs <3

Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City_01

This past week the boys and I visited Pretend City Children’s Museum. Before visiting I really didn’t know what to expect, all I knew about the museum was it is designed to teach children, “how the world works.” When we arrived, we were given a tour and learned about each exhibit which made up a miniature city. The exhibit’s are all interactive and designed to allow children to explore them on their own. This gives a child the ability to be creative and to exercise their cognitive thinking skills. Each exhibit will tell you why it was created and how it will help your child’s development. Some of the skills a child will be building include: critical thinking, fine motor skills, social-emotional skills, leadership, appreciation for diversity, and the list goes on!

Pretend City_04

Just a small view of “The Farm,” which also features live baby chicks!

What really I liked about the Museum is it has a little something for all ages. Baby Baby is almost 3 and I felt he was a good age to explore all the exhibits. He really enjoyed the farm, amphitheater, grocery store, and science center. For younger children, there is a soft playground area in the center of the city which helps build balance and coordination. For older children, the exhibits will allow them to develop their critical thinking skills. I also learned the Museum hosts different events, from Baby Steps to Autism Event Nights. I love this, since it allows Parents to connect with the community, gain knowledge and support.

There is so much to do at Pretend City, I felt the first visit just got Baby Baby’s brain thinking. I know we will definately be planning to go back. As he grows older, I can see him exploring each exhibit from a different prospective. I’m also excited to see how Little Little will grow with the city, once he learns to crawl. I included some pictures from our adventure. I couldn’t get all the exhibits, we did have other favorites such as the marina, beach, and home. After all, it is just like a city! Stay turned to future adventures, which I’m sure I’ll post on Instagram.

Pretend City03

A glimpse of the bank, grocery store, post office, and gas station!

Pretend City_02

Baby Baby grocery shopping! He loved naming the fruits and veggies along with their colors!

Pretend City_05

The amphitheater! This was Baby Baby’s favorite, he loved playing with everything from the props to the soundboard =)


Wrapy Baby Wrap Carrier Review

Out n' About with our Wrapy!

Out n’ About with our Wrapy!

When it comes to baby wraps my goto wraps are K’tan, Moby, or Boba. All very similar but each carries a different style. So, when I was asked to try the Wrapy Baby Wrap I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hesitant at first or maybe a little intimidated when I opened the wrap, since the wrap is so long! However, it does come with illustrated picture instructions which are easy to depict. The instructions allow for 4 different carrying positions with the wrap. I followed the directions for the position best suited for a newborn. In time I’m sure we’ll try others. I practiced with it weeks before baby arrived and maybe a few times after baby arrived, haha. Just to make sure I had it right, safe, and secure. Our first outing with the wrap was simple, we were out for about 3 hours and walked around maybe 1/2 hour during the 3. Little Little stayed asleep the whole outing! The wrap allowed the most skin to skin contact and for him to lay his head on my chest. It was nice to have him so close but also have my hands free. This was perfect, since I had my toddler with me and needed to be available for him as well. Overall, I’d recommend this wrap if you’re able to stay patient with instructions and want a Moby-like carrier wrap without the price tag.

Wrapy Baby Carrier

Wrapy Baby Carrier


  • The material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a super soft and comfortable feel
  • The long length of the wrap allows you to secure it tightly for safety
  • Available in various solid colors: red, grey, black, and navy blue
  • Comes with matching carrying pouch, perfect for traveling
  • Machine washable
  • Great price for quality



  • Instructions may be complicated for those who don’t do well with visuals
  • The wrap does claim you can use it with baby up to 35 lbs but I’d say more like 20 lbs
  • Does not support back babywearing


*you can read more and purchase your Wrapy on the following site:


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