Work-Life Balance

Baby Baby and Mommy =)

Baby Baby and Mommy =)

I’ve been wanting to write on this topic for awhile. From the difference between the pre-baby life to the mom life. The many factors that contribute to my work-life balance and how it’s changed over the years but, has it really? Do I appreciate life more or do I have a better flow of balance between what keeps me busy and what I consider work? Let’s begin:

Pre Baby:

The perfect balance for me was work hard, play hard. If I didn’t work enough I had a poor life balance and I found myself where I needed a lot of ongoing projects in order to keep my life in order. To say a 80+ work week was the perfect combo to my work-life balance would be true. Although, I may not have worked 80 hours, I kept myself busy at one time or another. I finished my bachelors, I put more into my job, or I took on an extra job. When it came time to vacation, I could balance it out…a week at the longest. Then, came my overwhelming need to stay busy. My life made sense.

After Baby:

This is quite tricky but, follow me for a few sentences. The first year: I created this blog. If that gives you any insight to how my mind works. I also, choose to stay at home with my son. Did I work? Yes, but in a different sense. I had many tasks that kept me busy. I knew my balance had to change when Baby Baby turned one and shortly after we made the move. I knew to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to give my son the life he deserves, I would have to allow more time for work. It was a crazy transition at first but, by nature one I was able to adjust to. My work-life balance turned into one that involves 40 hours a week max and the rest of my time with rest and adventures. While I still stay busy, I find that perfect balance between work and life is a majority of projects and time with my family. My life makes sense.

What is a healthy work-life balance versus and unhealthy one? It’s hard when you want to give 100% to everything you do. When you become a Mom, that turns into a challenge (literally, I still want to put 100% into everything I do, if not more.) In order to avoid an unhealthy life-work balance, I keep a max on my work hours or at least I try too. It’s tough, that’s why I enjoy sharing my adventures, reviews, and what makes me love being a Mommy! I find myself sneaking in what one may see as work as apart of my life…because I’m just that type of person ;p I plan out every other weekend and I make every other “relax” ones…or what’s that term I use to use… “Let’s play it by ear.” Lol. It’s always an ongoing process. Life is precious and should never be left out of the balance. I think by creating projects, having great friends, good times with family, and blogging/vlogging, I’ve found what makes me happy, that perfect work-life balance =)

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