Sunday Funday…Nope!

Today was the first time I woke up to an empty house. Mav got up early with Baby Baby and went to his relatives for Sunday festivities and dinner. Of course, only I would commit to a seasonal position. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being able to get out and do “non-mom” activities but, it’s not easy. I’ve been so spoiled this past year with the luxury of working from home and my son always being by my side. You would think by now I would be use to the short time of distance between loved ones. From moving cross country to a prior arrangement Mav and I had. Over the Summer, I stayed at the beach while Mav would drive up on weekends. That was tough but Baby Baby and I stayed busy. It was definitely worth the short distance and I still had someone by my side for each adventure. I don’t know, today is tough and I can live without a day of Sunday Family Fun. However, there’s just a natural instinct when you’re a Mommy of always wanted your children close by.

I took a break since I wrote the first half of this post. I realized how much went into today’s separation. I had to drive the “single” car car…I’m so use to my mom mobile and while Mav driving the “single” car car totally works, it so didn’t for me! Haha. I missed the mom mobile aka “baru baru” and my babbling baby. The two of us listening to Slapstick Radio and baby waving his hands dancing. Talk about being an emotional mess! This day is getting longer by the minute! I can’t see this separation being a full time gig, lol

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