FASHION 101 for a Mommy

Let me just begin by writing, “simple and basic.” Two concepts I’ve learned to remind myself while shopping for clothes. There’s something to be said about being a women of simplicity. Basics have kept me sane since the arrival of my son. The last 8 months I have gone through four seasons and still managed to sport a decent wardrobe. I owe this to having a basic color collection of sports bras, tank tops, hoodies, leggings, skinny jeans, and shorts. I knew I would be breastfeeding for at least a year and didn’t want to have to shop special for it (built in nursing bras tanks tops). My easiest option was sports bras and tank tops. Enough support and easy access…lol. Fortunately this collection already made up most of my wardrobe.

What about those other pieces? The pre baby pieces that just barely make the mom life cut. Like crop tops, a summer staple that just needs to be altered a little bit. It’s simple; I just layer them over a tank top now. So let’s say, Baby Baby gets hungry in public. I won’t have Mr. Creeper staring at my bare boob while my son eats. In these hot summer months I’ve tried to ditch the tank top in the crop top but can’t help but feel the guilt of “this is not what mom’s wear.” These pieces are awesome because I can keep them around but wore the wrong way and they just become a mommy fashion disaster!! With so much focus on being a new mom and raising a healthy baby, the last thing I need is to feel guilty about what I’m wearing.

These types of situations remind me of an outing I had with Mav pre baby…. When I attempted to wear out a pair of flare low waist Frankie b. jeans that were my favorite in high school. He stopped me before walking out the door and asked if I was really going to wear “flare” jeans to lunch. My only reaction was, “I had these since high school and they still fit, why not?” He replied, “my sweat pants from high school still fit, do you see me wearing them out?” Needless to say I changed into a pair of skinny jeans and realized I just experienced my first “old” moment. Just because it still fits doesn’t make it okay…and it’s what I go by to dress my days. While those cute cut off daisy duke shorts are perfect for this hot sunny day… the moon doesn’t need to come out while bending over to pick up Baby. They fit but that doesn’t mean it makes them okay. =/

All and all, I’m not saying a mommy can’t wear the occasion cocktail dress for dinner and movie. Just wear a solid color and make sure your butt isn’t hanging out. It’s really not that hard to still look good while being basic. Accessories have always been a woman’s best friends and there’s nothing a cute pair of shoes and handbag…oops sorry, I mean, “diaper bag” can’t dapper up. At the end of the day the sexiest thing a women can wear is confidence while owning the role of being a caregiver =) Just remember…just not in flare jeans or a sweat suit ;p

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