Raising My Children to be Socially Aware

With the tragic events that have occurred over the last few weeks across the United States as a Mother to young children I ask myself, “how should I raise my children in today’s society?”

Of course, there has always been tragic events throughout history. I remember as a child the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles. I grew up about 45 miles south of LA and the impact still traveled across the United States in a series of events. I was only 7 years old but I was scared. We couldn’t venture outside and I stayed home from school for a week. A child to a young Mother we never spoke about what was going on around us, her goal was just to keep my sisters and I safe. I can’t help but think how it would have been better to speak about the event. At 7 many wouldn’t think a child would understand but I knew the difference between black and white, it was enough to open a conversation.

Over the course of my childhood, I started to analyze and break apart how I picked up on current events. Most issues were discussed during school, church, and with friends. Information was delivered so much more differently then it is now and with the growth of technology I can’t help but think how much will get to my kids before I do. So I compiled some concepts to how I plan to raise my children to be socially aware and have the skills to address whatever issue is going on. While it may be a difficult task to monitor what’s going on in the community, giving a child the tools to develop a social conscious of their own will help them throughout their life.

  1. Faith – This is a solid concept that everyone may not agree with but one that my children will grow up with. Everything happens as planned. There are no accidents, yet a bigger picture we are yet to see. I believe if their foundation is built in faith, they will understand why things are the way they are.
  2. Diversity – Promoting diversity from the toys my children play with to the value of understanding different cultures. I want my children to gain perspective so that they can take in everything with an open mind.
  3. Privilege – Addressing privilege is vital in growth. I want my children to have a grasp of our history and understand why there are differences between specific groups. Teaching my children what privileges they may have or not have is important early on. This will allow them to understand issues that arise in our community at an early age and how they should address them.
  4. Volunteerism – Teaching my children the value of serving our community. This can be within our church community, at school, and possibly a local shelter. I want my sons to know what it’s like to be selfless. I believe by having them give their time to those that need it will let them witness why specific issues create conflict or exist in our world.
  5. Open Discussion – As my children get older, I want them to be able to come to me about anything they have questions about. Whether a news article or something they don’t agree with at school. Being able to be open is what family is all about.

Overall, I want my children to know as much as they can before they begin to dissect a situation. Raising socially aware children is one of the most important priorities a parent should have in order to take on what world issues we will face tomorrow. The more children are aware of justice, equality and fairness, the better they will be able to help build a good community.



Keep It Clean When Having a Toddler in 5 Easy Steps


Domestic cleaning routine is an integral part of keeping your home neat and tidy, but it is even more important when you have a child. Babies and little children are more susceptible to microbes and bacteria, which could result in various diseases or infections.

Some parents find it difficult to keep their home well-maintained and usually say it is a great challenge for them to make sure everything is in order, especially when they have a toddler. This is a difficult age for both parents and children.

On one hand, parents should make sure that everything in their home is perfectly sanitised, because toddlers sometimes crawl on the floor, not to mention the fact they touch everything they can reach and often put it in their mouths. On the other hand, this is a too early age for the children to be taught to clean after themselves, which makes the mass even bigger. And in case there is a pet in the house, the situation gets even harder.


Take precautions

Every time you need to take care of your house or apartment, make sure that toddlers are not around you. It is more likely for the young children to only get in your way, which will make it even harder for you to deal with the domestic cleaning chores.

You can ask your partner to take the toddler for a walk, to play with them, get them to sleep or think of another activity that is appropriate for the child and will keep them busy as long as you clean. If you do not have anyone to help you with the toddler, then make sure they are dressed properly to minimize the chance of the detergents getting to their sensitive skin.


Pay attention to house dust

House dust has always been one of the main allergens in your home. It is proved as one of the main causes for asthma and other health issues in both children and adults, but we should not forget the fact that children are more susceptible to harmful influence.


Choose your cleaning products wisely

Make sure you choose eco-friendly detergents that are not harmful to your family’s health. It is clear that all cleaning products contain some chemicals and poisonous substances that are aimed at killing the microbes and eliminating the dirt, but the truth is that some ingredients are really dangerous. Remember, your toddler learns about the world by touching everything, including the floors and various surfaces in your home. Top Domestic Cleaners SE10 suggests cleaning with eco-friendly products may not eliminate the chance of some cleaning product ending up on their little fingers, but will seriously minimise the risks for their health.


Consider using natural cleaning products

You could have taken home-made cleaning products as old-school domestic cleaning products, but the truth is that they are no less efficient than the ones sold in the stores. And things get even better, because they are not harmful to your child’s health, not to mention the fact that they are quite inexpensive and the products for making them can be easily found in every kitchen.


Ask for some help

Last but not least, ask your family for some help. Getting things done with a toddler in the house is not as easy as it seems. Even if you have done all the domestic chores all by yourself before, it is a good idea to split the tasks with your partner in order for the cleaning process to be more efficient and quick. In addition, this way both of you will be able to spend some time with the child and the domestic cleaning routine will be done, too.

Post contributed by: Victoria Naylor

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The Breastfeeding Shop


When I was pregnant with Baby Baby as a first time Mom I googled everything, joined every Mommy board possible and took full advantage of each check up. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and that I would need a pump, whether I was producing more for back up supply or if I got a night off. So, when a Mom posted on a board about breast pumps and insurance, I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a lot of information online and always referred back to that one post. So, when I came across The Breastfeeding Shop a few weeks ago. I knew I had to blog about it!

The Breastfeeding Shop offers a variety of breast pumps and accessories. They work with your insurance company to ensure your pump is covered. They specialize in working with military moms and Tricare insurance so that they can receive the best breast pumps at no cost. All you have to do is check the areas they service and go from there!

The Breastfeeding Shop educates and simplifies the breast pump process; They include the prescription form, insurance form and any additional information a Mommy-to-be may need to ensure they get their breast pump in time for baby! What I love the most is that the shop is a family owned business that believes every mother has the right to choose to breastfeed and have access to a breast pump!

To learn more visit: The Breastfeeding Shop


Does Adult Interaction Benefit Student?

In recent years, the education paradigm has shifted from instructor to student centered learning. What exactly does this mean? Well, it shifts the importance from the instructor to the child, with the child having more say in what to study but also how and why that topic would be of interest to them. The instructor fades to the background, while the student has more control over the outcomes of their studies and places them and the instructor on equal footing, with both co creating the course.

So, does this and adult interaction in general benefit students? In the past, the adult instructor was a taskmaster that had ultimate control over the child and his learning, with little say from the student. This concentrated power to the instructor, and the student was in a place of disempowerment. Studies have shown that interacting with adults, benefits students because they have expertise, but only if there is a power balance and mutual understanding.

Adult Interaction and Online Learning

Online learning makes the student independent and places them in the driver’s seat. They can learn a topic at their own pace and schedule, and importance is placed on them and their views on how and why things are taught. They are seen as unique individuals. In online learning, the child is no longer the passive receptacle of knowledge; they are co-creators of their course of study, which makes learning much more exciting.

Online Tutoring: The Learning of the Future

Online tutoring is definitely the wave of the future. It reflects the changing views in academia about the importance of the student and gives them an autonomy that has never before been seen in education. This new way of viewing things could lead to very positive outcomes, because each student begins to be seen as not just another number, but as a person with great potential.

For the best services in online education, visit http://www.futureschool.com/ for more.

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Busy-Mom Secrets for a Clean House

As a mom you probably have high standards when it comes to housekeeping. You want that the house is sparkling so that your children live in a healthy environment and your guests keep asking how you manage to maintain such a gleaming home. Truth be told, it’s not possible to keep everything under control. Life after kids is much different than life before kids. You need to set new standards and to change your priorities. Tidy home instead of sparkling home. More time to rest instead of more time to have fun. Once you do that, you’ll realize housekeeping is not that difficult. Have a look at our tips on keeping a clean home.

clean house

Clean in Chunks

Before you became a mom, you could set aside a whole day to clean and declutter your home but when kids are born, you can barely spend half an hour cleaning. Believing you can accomplish a whole host of household chores with children around is pretty unrealistic. You need to break down the cleaning into small manageable chunks. For example, spend 15 minutes scrubbing the bathroom tiles and sink in the afternoon when your kids are napping or playing games in the open. In the evening, when everybody goes to bed, take the time to wash the dishes and sweep the floors. You can vacuum the living room first thing in the morning before you go to work.

Involve Your Family

Now, who says you have to be the only person who washes the dishes and sweeps the floor? You are a family, right? You need to learn the basics of teamwork. Now is a right time for your relatives to start helping you with the chores. You can assign plenty of small tasks to your spouse and children, such as picking up dirty clothes and toys from the floor, setting and cleaning off the table, collecting the dirty dishes, gathering newspapers, loading the laundry machine or the dishwasher, etc. When the serious cleaning begins, all the areas will be fully accessible and you’ll get the job done with ease.

Create a Schedule

Rather than doing chores randomly, set up a schedule where each task has to be done on a specific day of the week. For example, sweep and mop the floors on Monday, dust on Tuesday, do the laundry on Saturday, etc. It is also important to reward yourself. Every time you manage to keep up with your schedule, give yourself a treat.

Keep Your Children Occupied

If you have to do housework when your children are at home, you’ll find it difficult to focus on the tasks. Hence, you need to make sure your kids are occupied. Let them play their favorite games or watch a movie. The longer you manage to keep them occupied, the more time for you to clean. Make sure to offer something interesting so they don’t get bored after a little while.

Things don’t have to be perfect, though. Your home doesn’t have to be immaculate. If you aim for perfection, you will never reach your goal. But if you divide housework into small chunks, you will be able to keep your home clean. Sometimes it’s all about appearances. If your home looks clean, you’ll feel great.

Do Something Small Every Day

Make it a habit to do some cleaning at the end of each day and your home will be in great condition. This will keep it from overcrowding.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a day off. You are not a robot and you need a break, too. Sometimes cleaning can wait. Don’t forget that you need to be well rested in the first place in order to tackle your responsibilities and bring up your children. What matters is that you don’t stress over the chores. Clean whenever you can and as much as you can. The only standards you need to meet are your own.

The article is contributed by TenancyClean NW5


get “ruly”

As a Mommy, I take a lot of pictures (aka pics.)  When I say “a lot,” we are looking at hundreds and thousands of pics. When I take these pics, I know at some time I have to go through them. However, with the busy mom life I don’t have a lot of downtime to sit and organize pics =(  What I usually end up doing is I find a pic real quick, label it, create a watermark, and upload it to my site. I’m always looking for ways to simplify the process. Lucky for me I came across a really cool website called, “getruly.com.” Ruly helps eliminate the downtime it takes to organize my pics. Not only does ruly organize my pics but, they also edit them. How cool is that!! What’s nice is since I found ruly, I haven’t had to go pic by pic; decide if it’s personal, website, social media, or print ready…I have ruly to organize and do it for me. When ruly is done organizing, they label each folder, edit my best pics, set aside the “klutter,” and I’m all set!

 How does ruly work?  

A quick set up process allowed me to get started with ruly. How ruly works is simple; you sign up for their services and link them to your Dropbox. If you’re unfamiliar with Dropbox; Dropbox is a cloud storage service, where you’re able to upload photos, videos, docs, etc and have access to them from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. So, What I do is I have the Dropbox app on my smartphone. I have my Dropbox linked to my smartphone photos which, ruly is able to access each time a new photo is taken! From there, ruly takes over….the next time I plan on seeing my pics, they’re organized and ready to go =)

1.) sign up at getruly.com 2.) allow ruly access to your Dropbox! 3.) Let ruly get to work organizing 4.) ruly will edit your best pics!

1.) sign up at getruly.com 2.) allow ruly access to your Dropbox! 3.) Let ruly get to work! 4.) ruly will edit your best pics!

 So, who actually sits there and organizes my pics? Women living in poverty do or let’s say, who once will be. ruly is great because they help create tech jobs for women living in poverty. Instead of being another organization donating to a cause, they are helping end the war on poverty by creating a solution. This alone makes me happy to be utilizing ruly’s services and more confident of who is actually able to access my pics!

 What made me interested in ruly?

Organization =) The editing is great but, really……as organized as most of my work is. My pics were always the last thing to prioritize but, what’s funny is what I use the most! My biggest challenge and most important was wanting to organize my son’s first year. I wanted pics I could quickly jump to whether he was a month old or nine months old. By date ruly was able to do this for me.

What ruly is doing is great, creating jobs and at the same time helping Mommies like me get organized, lol….so, since I love their services ruly gave me a code so, that anyone looking to organize their photos can give them a try!

It’s simple, go to http://getruly.com and click on sign up…

enter the code: LoveLaughandSpitUp

You’ll receive a month free subscription to their services!

Vlog #2 ~ Strawberry Orange Pops!!

I decided to go ahead and share a healthy summer snack that Baby Baby and I love to make! It’s fun and simple! This video shares the ingredients and few quick simple steps to making Strawberry Orange Pops! Enjoy!

Invest in a Good Camera =)

Smash Cake!!

Smash Cake!!

I’m currently working on Baby Baby’s smash cake pictures we took over the weekend for his First Birthday! If there’s one thing I say invest in, it’s a good camera. I was so hesitate at first because with technology constantly changing, I didn’t want to invest in a product that was going to be obsolete in a year. As most Mommies, I use a iPhone for taking pictures and even though I get some grade a quality shots; it’s still just a phone. So in August, I went ahead and treated myself to a good camera. I bought a Canon Rebel T5i along with a few lenses. The choice to purchase different lenses was a good one as it allows me to grow with my camera. There’s still so much to read up and learn about it. So, far it’s been a great camera to take pictures of the family with. Another plus is being able to get creative and set-up DIY shoots. I’m going to get back to editing pictures but, I was so excited about how they came out…I had to share a sneak peek of one them. Of course, the sneak peek picture I took of a picture was with my iPhone…hahaha

Moving with a Little One

This past week we moved into a bigger home. As much as I love travel and change of scenery, moving was intense with a soon to be 6 month old. There were a few things I did do that made the move go a little smoother. So, I came up with a short list that I recommend to all mommies that are moving to consider =)

  • Organize – You’re thinking, duh?! Obviously you wouldn’t throw everything into a box and go. When I say organize, I mean in depth. Start by packing little by little. I started a few weeks before the move with items such as: seasonal pieces, shoes, framed pictures, collectables. I also left alone items we weren’t using. Such as 6 month old toys, baby food processor, toddler bedding. There was no reason to take them out or put them into a new box. By labeling boxes of importance it made it easier to know what was needed first thing at the new place. I simply just wrote “OPEN FIRST.”
  • Snack- Breastfeeding already takes a lot out of a mommy, so does moving.The extra exercise you’re not use to will take a toll on your body if you skip a meal or eat junk. I simply just stocked up on KIND bars, trail mix, and nutritional shakes. Having yummy snacks on hand saved time going through packed  kitchen boxes and kept me focus on the move.
  • Entertainment– It would be insane to do your packing every night while the little one is asleep. Mommy then loses sleep and it doesn’t look so pretty when the little one is up at 7am bright eyed and bushy tailed. So, keep aside entertainment. My lifesavers were the mamaRoo and activity gym. Whatever keeps your little safe and busy, I’d say take full advantage of it and pack!
  • Babysitter– Accept help, because you’re going to need it! My sister offered to help with our move. So we took advantage of her offer and it was awesome!

Our First Flight

My family is always on the go. So, it was only a matter a time before we were going to be taking a flight. My son and I flew together on his first flight when he was 3 months old. We flew from DC to Southern California and being a first time mom, flying light wasn’t an option. However, there were a few things we did that made our flight as easy as possible. I created a list to help other mommies that are about to take a first flight with their little aviator ;p

  • Book a non-stop flight. Not only did we book a non-stop, we took an early morning flight. This helped since it ran into my son’s sleep time and we didn’t have to worry about stops. I found this easier going East to West, since we gain 3 hours. Coming back, my advice would be to take a red eye!
  • Purchase two seats. Yes, it may be easy to just buy a ticket and include your child as a “lap-infant.” That was my original idea but with a change of events we ended up with two seats and let me tell you, having the option to have your child safely in their infant seat is awesome! Our flying experience was easy and it helped that my son could sleep comfortably in his infant seat. During take off and landing he was safely strapped. Mid-flight I was able to take him out and nurse him. I’ll only fly this way from now on.
  • Bring a carrier. I brought a carrier since I thought my son would be on me more then he would be in his infant seat. But that’s not what I ended up using it for. It was perfect for organizing after security check, quick restroom stops, and waiting for the plane.
  • “Gate Check” your travel system. Not only does this make it easy to run around the airport but it also keeps from having your system thrown around. Whether  your child is in their infant seat or on your lap, gate checking is the way to go for your stroller and infant seat (if it’s not being used.) Also, with some airlines it prevents you from having to pay extra baggage fees.
  • Take advantage of “Pre-Check” options with TSA Security. All airlines are different, but if book through one that allows you to “Pre-Check,” do it! It’s very helpful for mommies that are bringing extra breast milk with them, like I did!
  •  Organize your diaper bag. Simplify is the best way to put it. The night before our flight, I put a lot of my son’s little items in baggies. It made it easy to know where everything was and allowed more room for other necessities.
  • At least check one bag and fill it to its limit! While checking in my suitcase it hit the scale at 49.5 lbs.! This didn’t surprise me since I knew I packed everything! Shoes, clothes, sleepers, even the breast pump! Anything I knew I didn’t need during the flight was in the suitcase and since it was a non-stop, I kept my faith that I would see it when I arrived in California!


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